Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Family Va-k in CO

We went on vacation this past week.  I love vacation - I love everything about vacation!!  It was relaxing and super fun!  Here's lots of pics from the week:
 Loved our new toy!!
 Trying to stay warm at the top of the mountain!
 There was a neat crick by the mexican restaurant we ate at one night.

 This lil guy was the best traveler!
 Check.out.those.thighs! Love squeezing them all week!
 The boys learned how to fly fish from the ranch manager Mark.  They had fun trying! :)
 The one and only fish caught :)

We saw a gorgeous full double rainbow on the way back to the ranch one night.  We pulled over to take pictures but it faded really quick.  It was the brightest rainbow we've ever seen and literally looked like we could reach out and touch it, it seemed so close!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Days go by...

County fair week is here (not that I've ever participated in a county fair, but 'round here it's a monumental week).  Corn has tassled.  Crops are "looking good".  Strong summer storms are passed (fingers crossed), and we have an unusually cool week of weather- highs in the low 70's and windows open all night - can it really be the middle of July?  

 The boys entered in a side by side race - they had a BLAST!! Kurt made sure to give Karl a pre-race pep talk and tell him what his jobs were, followed by some "preperation" time :)
 Excited to watch the race!
 ...just in case this was the last pic we ever took ;)
 This was the class they were in...there was 2 other classes with just as many side by sides in those.  They all raced at the same time so we had to watch for the yellow "license plates" so we could count what place they were in.
 They came out of the gate in 7th out of 15 or so... passed up 4 along the way and would've been in 3rd place 3/4 of the way through....then the shocks went out and they had to quit before they broke something - smart move boys...are your wives wearing off on you?!
 Very happy boys after a very fun night!!
 It was a stormy/rainy night so Emily and I made friends with the people in the camper w/ an awning so that we could hide out if it started to rain.  When we walked by the first time they smiled and said "what a cute baby!".  Emily and I no more than got to the other side of the camper when we stopped, looked and each other and knew what eachother was thinking - make friends with them!! Dry night for us :)  Plus they were awesome babysitters so that we could take pictures :)  Their son raced the next day so they were more than happy to help!
 This was a full rainbow, but I couldn't get the whole thing in my camera view.  It went up into the clouds and dropped down the other side of the hogshed.
 We had a couples night out and went to an I-Cubs game.  It was a beautiful night (once the sun went down - hence all the shades!) and lots of fun to hang out together!
 Deann and I went to get super nachos.  We ordered it, and for that particular stand, that meant 2 bags of chips, and 2 things of cheese - I guess they meant super-sized?!  We were a little bummed.  No more than 30 minutes later Kurt comes back with that.  Hat'o'supernachos.  So jealous!  He said he got the hat for Jackson :)
 Our handsome dates.
 They had AWESOME fireworks after the game.  In fact, we didn't even go to watch fireworks on the 4th because they wouldn't have been as good :)
 I was so excited that Karl wasn't going to be powerwashing hogshed for the 3rd year in a row on the 4th so we could hang out on my day off.... then he had to spray.  Go figure.  Such is the life of a farmer.  So, Emily Jackson and I hung out since Kurt was spraying too!  We took off for the Sully 4th of July parade to watch my newphew ride his bike.  I held Dryson's bag while he collected candy from the streets...and giant beach balls :)
 Rowan waving :)
 What else would girls do if their husbands are working and ditch them on a holiday? Go shopping :)  We had a very successful day at the outlet mall, including the Coach store, and didn't feel one bit guilty about it :)  To top it off, I got Jackson to fall asleep on me!  Actually, not once, but twice in two days! He fell asleep for me at the bonfire as well!
 Speaking of bonfire... we had a bunch of friends over and it was like baby explosion! Crazy how much things change in a year!  It was a great night!
 Speaking of baby... meet our sweet new nephew Harris!  He belongs to Karl's sister.  This is our 18th niece/nephew :)
We got home the other night and had 3 inches of rain in our gauge...crazy!
 We attend a Newsboys concert and before the concert they were supporting a revival initiative for the country.  Chuck Norris was there and it was neat to see him in person . They sat about 4 rows in front of us.  I'm not sure who doesn't have memories of their Saturday night childhood watching Walker Texas Ranger on TV...  We actually got to do a meet and greet with the band before the concert - it was more of a shake hands and take a pic, but fun to experience!
 Great concert :)
 Awesome drummer.
 Our attempt at a picture...
 The drummer did a great one point his platform raised up in the air, and then rotated 180 degrees towards the ground and started spinning, while still playing - it was pretty awesome.
 We've been having lots of fun taking long rides and checking crops and smelling fresh cut hay on our new toy.  These past two nights I've bundled up and it has been like practicing for cold rides in CO in a few weeks - getting VERY excited for vacation!! :)  This is proof it was THAT cold in the middle of July.
 Beautiful sunset on our ride tonight - does it get much better than this?