Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This spring inbetween fieldwork we've been working on the yard.  I sometimes refer to it as the pasture, as seen in the "before" picture below.

We borrowed Karl's parents lawn mower to mow the pasture and it went pretty well.  I am somewhat embarrased to admit, this was my first time EVER mowing a lawn.  You're probably thinking "What type of spoiled brat never had to mow the lawn?" I guess my older siblings always mowed it and after they were gone my mom did it because she enjoyed it!  I was pretty proud of myself :)

The lawn mower also had a roto-tiller on the back of it so Karl used it to til up this big dirt area which has our septic tank underneath.  There is kind of a bump in the yard from the lids so he was trying to make it look nice.

 He then took the small harrow behind his fourwheeler and went over it.
One big project we have is needing to plant new grass from where we tore out trees, bushes, etc.   Karl dumps dirt over it, smoothes it out and then plants the grass seed.

Thanks for field cultivating the yard, Steve!  The big open area looks great-- now I just need to plant some grass!

We have poison ivy growing up about every tree we have and around the base of it.  I got it on me last fall when we were working on the house and wanted to spray it this year and get rid of it for good.  I don't know if it is all poison ivy but I do know, that's not a normal looking tree! 

Below is poison ivy dying that I did spray.

There were a few days last week when I got off work it was nice out  so I thought I'd do some yard work by myself.    We had plants, poison ivy, dandelions, and weeds everywhere that needed to be sprayed.  I got some Round-Up and started spraying anything that resembled a weed. Karl specifically told me to stay away from the patch of new grass he seeded because round-up would kill it.  I said I would be careful and stay away from it. just so happened that there was a few too many weeds coming up in the new grass patch... so I sprayed them.  This is the result...

Whoops!  I guess it got the weeds AND the new grass :)  Oh well, grass can be replanted, and those weeds DEFINATELY aren't coming back :) :)

There were a bunch of plants/weeds growing up in the space between the cement and the house so I sprayed those, let them die, and then raked up all the rocks, bricks and weeds out of there.  I really did all the work- just had to take a break to take the picture :)  Karl runs the skid load and I do the manual labor :)

We took out the enormous tree from the back yard last year that was overgrown and had lots of branches leaning over the house.  We planted a Pin Oak tree farther back towards the corn field.  It will be fun to watch it grow!

Slowly but surely we are making process on the yard!

Rowan came to visit us on Sunday.  He's turning into such a little man :) He was 5 weeks on Monday.

Rachel and Leah came with Rowan... we took him on his first ranger ride.  I don't think the front seat is made for 4 adults and 1 baby but we made it work! :)  Thanks for coming to see us!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rainin' & Blowin'

It is officially my first spring as a farmers wife and so far I've been handling it well (in my opinion).  I have to admit though, I was not as prepared as what I thought I would be.  I grew up on a farm and so I knew what to expect, however it is much different this year.  I AM ALL ALONE!  I guess I forgot that my mom and sisters wouldn't be around to talk to at night like they had been when my dad was gone.

What I have learned though, is that when it rains, that is my turn to have jobs completed :)  (I think Karl was hoping I wouldn't figure this out for a while...)  For example, a few weeks ago I asked Karl put on all my cupboard handles/knobs...I could've done it myself, and I did a few, but Karl is much better with power tools, and what else does he have to do when it rains? :)
 I still think of our house as "new" so I get nervous when I begin putting holes in the wall for pictures, or drilling holes.... I think that's why I asked him to help me!  He was such a trooper --here he is drilling holes in my drawers for the handles.
 Another job that got put on the back burner this winter was putting up the crown molding on top of the cupboards.  It had been sitting upstairs all winter, and so I thought it was time to put it in it's place.
 I explain it to people like this: "Karl put the pretty tops on our cupboards!"
A few weeks ago it was super windy for a couple days and our infamous plyboard sidewalk blew away....words just can't explain how much i dislike my sidewalk :)
 And this is what REALLY happens when it rains........ he SLEEPS!
Don't get me wrong, I love spring and all the busy days that go with it :)  Here are pics of Karl getting our field ready for planting.

Our corn sprang up yesterday.  It's a great reminder that God is in control of the wind, rain, and heat.  We pray for a great growing season!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

32 years ago on May 4, Friday night at 7:30 my parents got married.   Happy Anniversary!
Is there a reason that 32 years ago you were both wearing white and now you are both wearing black (mourning)?  Just kidding!! Thanks for showing us what a marriage should be.  You are couple of good look 50+ year olds :)

Happy Mother's Day Mom :) Thanks for always being there and leading us in the right direction.....

...and thanks for not letting us turn out in this direction ;)

Enjoy your day and be thankful we turned out okay :) :)