Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feels like Summer

After all the rain we can finally start acting like it's summer!  Here's a few things we've been up to over the past few weeks.

Of course, it wouldn't be summer without having lots of weddings to go to.  I think we have 6 or 7 this year, not as many as the 9 last year..but they are always fun!  Matt, Rach & Rowan came to hang out with us one Saturday.  Matt & Karl take off on fourwheelers and do hunting prep--food plots, deer camera's etc.  I decided to take full advantage of having a sister who's a cosmotologist so she did my hair for the wedding & Rowan just hangs out with me :)
Last week we went to watch my cousins Kara & Kelly play softball.  They are great little players and have definately improved since last year!  Great job girls! :)  Kara is up to bat.

Coach is giving her a pat on the head-- great job on hitting a triple, Kara!!

Kelly got a good hit and made it to second base!!

Hmmm, how do you load a fourwheeler when you don't have any ramps?  Use the ditch of course!  I'm thinking ramps would be a good idea for a gift in the future!

Last Sunday we went fishing with some friends.  Didn't catch much but it was fun!

Yesterday I took off part of the day of work to take care of Rowan while Rachel is adjusting to going back to work.  We had a fun day :)

Where's Waldo? I mean Karl.
Our corn is apprx 6 ft tall on June 27.  After this coming hot week, it'll be fun to see how tall it gets!

We went fishing again last night.  It was a beautiful calm night with a pretty sunset.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Road Closed

A summary of our past couple weeks could be summed up like this: dry....and then rain, rain, rain.  Below is Karl in the rogator (sprayer).  He has been busy spraying herbicide to kill the weeds in the corn & beans. 

And then it rained, which means I got more of my honey-do jobs done!  There was a stump about 8 ft. high by 3 ft. wide right by the driveway.  Only the top half of the tree got pulled out with all the other trees last summer so it's big stump was left.  Karl worked at it with a chain saw to get it cut down and used it to cut into the ground to get more of the stump out underground.  Rachel hung out with us for a while one afternoon and helped Uncle Karl take it out.

Good work Karl!

We have lots of rocks, big and small, throughout our yard so after my first time of getting huge blisters on both my hands I went an bought new gloves to rake with.  I'm sure ALL of my brother in laws approve.  Go RED ;)

Below is a sign we've seen all too much the past couple weeks.  Road Closed.  In the two miles between us and Karl's parents the road floods in two different places.  It also cuts my shortcut to Beacon so I have to go out and around to get to Beacon to head on to work....I don't plan for extra time in the morning so this was a bummer for me ;)

 We babysat BJ & Cassia's kids the other night and the boys all wanted to drive through the flooded road.  In a big truck and not deep water we made it just fine, but Jonathon's exact words were "Uncle Karl I don't want to die".  We made it and they all thought it was fun.....and of course it was safe :)
 The big splashes from driving through.
This bullfrog was hanging out on the side of the flooded road.

I stole this picture from Becky's blog- thanks Becky ;)--There are a lot of birthday's in this family in June so I though I'd say Happy Birthday to Elliot, Rachel, Stacy, Elijah, Emily, Steve, & Kurt/Em's 1st Anniversary.  Also, Happy Fathers day to all my brothers and dad!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rowan's Baptism

Rowan was baptized on Sunday, June 5, 2011.  Pastor Brian read from 2 Corinthians 11: Paul boasting about his sufferings.  This little guy has a lot of people that love him and he was gladly welcomed into God's family.
The proud parents.

We love you Rowan :)

June 6, 2011-- Happy 2 year anniversary Matt & Rach!

Rowan- 10 days old

 Rowan is 7 weeks today

I bet ya...

Here's another "friend" that didn't get on the last post.  He doesn't hang out in our yard but we found this snapping turtle last night on our road.  We think he/she was trying to lay eggs.

 "I bet ya..." was how our conversation started on the way home from Sully last night.  Karl bet me that our corn was "wallet high", which means as high as his wallet is in his front pants pocket--upper thigh height. I told him there was NO way it was that tall so I bet him it was knee high.  I guess this picture shows who was right.... ME! :)
 He insisted on proving that it was "wallet" high....if you hold up the leaves it stretches to his wallet.  You can't really tell but he is grinning because he's proving he was right.

I guess marriage is about making comprismises so....... we BOTH were right this time :) :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Friends" on the Farm

Over the past few months I've been taking pictures of all our "friends" we have on our farm so I thought I'd introduce you to them.

These deer hang out in our field at all times of the year.  There are usually 7 of them in the pack, but only 4 this particular morning.

These turkey's are usually out early in the morning.

I don't know what that white dot is but the turkey is showing it's fan.
So this picture doesn't show an animal, but this is what tpically happens every morning I wake up and see our trash laying on the ground with the large outdoor trashcan tipped over.  We don't know if it's a racoon or what but it gets a little old picking up our trash every morning.  This bag is mainly in tact.  Usually, the bags are ripped open and the trash is spread out across the yard.  One time I threw away a half loaf of stale bread, everything was gone but the bag the next morning.

After our new grass came up we had some Canadian geese hanging out in it...I thought they liked the water?

Karl found a turkey sitting on it's nest with 2 eggs in our old corn crib.  After he told my brother in law Matt (an avid hunter) they thought they were going raise wild turkey's.  Well, they had went and bought turkey chick food and as they were going out to check & feed these wild animals they realized that they weren't turkey's....they were turkey vultures!  Now they want to do the opposite of raise them :)

This is probably the most annoying "friend" we have.  Our bees.  They hang out and literally fly in front of the living room window (right by the door) in one spot all day long.  I first thought it was just one monstorous bee but after Karl killed #1, it's twin #2 came.  Killed #2.  #3 came, even bigger! After #3 came #4, who is still living in front of the window.  We found a big wasp/bee nest in the corn crib.  I bought spray that was supposed to "kill on contact" but it doesn't work either :(  How do you get rid of a bee/wasp nest?? I guess I have something to look into now.

I hope our next friend is one that I can play with-- like a dog :)

Quick Trip

On Wednesday I traveled with a co-worker to Chicago to go to the True Value Corporate office.  It was a long day, 5 hrs there, 3 hour meeting, and 5 hours back.  It was a nice break and change from the regular day to day but I realized I am not jealous of people who have to drive in Chicago traffic every day and work in huge corporate offices in a big city.  I'll stick with a corporate office in Pella :)

The building wasn't in downtown but it was right beside Chicago O'hare Airport.  During the entire meeting I was a little distracted with planes flying over constantly...I'm assuming you'd get used to it if you worked there everyday but it was definately different.  My mind wandered a little bit and I kept wondering what 9/11 in the twin towers would've been like.  I was thankful to leave :)