Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Girlies

This past weekend we had my cousins over for a night.  We stayed up late, ate popcorn and watched Renae's favorite movie, Madagascar.  The big highlight of the weekend was going to be swimming in the pond on Sunday afternoon.  They were very disappointed when they woke up Sunday morning and it was raining out but we told them it might clear off.  During church, Renae leaned over to me and said, "I think it's sunny outside now". 

Karl does great with the girls and it doesn't hurt they all love him.  I think he secretly has a soft spot for little girls....may come in hand, someday!

Leah came to hang out with us on Sunday too.  Karl loved being with 5 girls all day :)

He tried to make us smile for the picture by waving his fingers and shaking, here is us mimicking how ridiculous he looked.  Got us to smile tho :)

I was unaware this picture was being taken but it describes the story of Leah &I's relationship so I thought I'd include it.  I do/say dumb, ridiculous, embarassing things and Leah laughs at me.  She's not really a big talker but I can always make her laugh and try my dumb jokes out on her.  Love ya beans!

We had fun riding jet ski.
Renae.  I love her chubby cheeks and blonde curly hair.  When I don't see the girls as often I notice more things like Renae talking much better (non stop in fact) and she can say her "R"'s & "CK" sounds better.
I think the highlight of my weekend was when we were eating lunch and Kelly & Renae start talking about their "Peanut Rap".  Apparently, Kelly & her friend from school made up a rap and taught it to Renae.  They sang it at the dinner table and Karl, Leah & I just died laughing.  It doesn't really make sense but they are so adorable that it's hillarious.  I asked the girls to reinact it so I could tape it.  I've attached the song-- my favorite part is how serious Renae is about the sound effects in the beginning--hope it makes your day like it did mine :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

You & Me Go Fishin in the Dark

Fishing is one of the things we enjoy doing in our spare time together (I really enjoy the fact that Karl puts my worms on for me).  Last year I bought Karl a new fishing pole for his birthday, and whenever we went he would let me use his good one and he would use an old broke one.  So, on vacation we stopped at a huting/sporting goods store as we were trying to waste time and I found the most beautiful fishing pole I had ever seen, it was called an Ugly Stik. ...I'm not kidding.  It has ugly stik written on it.  I don't know who would make up the brand name of ugly stik to the prettiest black & purple fishing pole I've ever seen, but I love it and Karl loves that he can use his good fishing pole now that I have my own.

I've caught a few monstorous fish in my day (nothing over 6 in long), but this night happened to be Karl's night ;)  He caught this catfish in his parents pond. 
He was pretty excited.
Then he cast it out again, and caught this guy.  He was HUGE!  7 lbs & 27 inches long.
He said it was all in the shirt.  Great job Karl!!
A loud, house-shaking, kaboom, bang, pound, jolt happened all at the same time and woke both Karl & I up on an instant at 5:30 Friday morning during a summer thunderstorm.  My heart raced for about 3 minutes after that because it gave me such an alarming wake up call.  When we got up the next morning we realized what had happened.  Lightning struck the tree 50 ft. away from our bedroom window and took a large portion of the bark off.  We hope the tree survives!

You can see why my heart was racing, it was VERY close to our house.  I love thunderstorms but this one was a little too close for comfort!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Boender Family Va-K 2011

Boender Family Va-K, Johnson's Shut-In State Park, MO

This year we all packed up and headed south of St. Louis to a state park in MO.  None of us had ever been there and despite the hot week we stayed cool in the river!  I don't have many pictures because I didn't take my camera by water, but check out "My Blog List" on the right side of this page, all our family has posted lots of vacation pictures.  Before we left, my family teased that I "wasn't even leaving home" because it's a joke that I live in MO because its "so far south".  So, here's our trip to MO!

"What is that?"  "I don't know"  "Surely, it will quit"  Fire truck sirens become louder and louder..."Oh crap, there's a fire truck here, we got to get out!!"

At 2 o'clock in the morning that is how Karl & I's conversation went.  I can honestly say that is a first for me at a hotel.  Thankfully it was a false alarm.
We traveled with a large crew! 26 people and 2 on the way.  We stopped at one of those fancy shoppin' malls to get the rest of our food before we headed to the shut ins (aka Walmart).
We made it!! Karl and I's cabin was the one on the far left.  Tight fit but we managed.

Just kidding.  We had very nice air conditioned cabins.  I'm not sure what this place was...a church maybe?

We did a lot of eating, swimming, and a little riding.  It was great to stay close to the water.
Settlers of Catan was a popular game for the adults while kids were napping and at night after they went to bed.
This is a portion of the shut ins.  It just makes me smile because everywhere we go we have quite the large crew.  Everyone grabs a kid and makes our way.  It was very fun!
We stopped at the St. Louis Zoo on the way down.  MONKEY SEE....

Below is a rare sight.  The 3 main questions this week weren't "what's for breakfast, lunch & dinner?"  The 3 main questions were "where's Anton, Adalli & Zachary?"  Somehow the 3 youngest seem to meander away from parents sight.  Good thing we have more adults than kids (for now ;) ) to keep an eye out for the lil ones.

I decided to use vacation pictures to help depict some of the great parts about being part of a family, in this case, a very large family.

#1.  You don't have to be afraid to let your brother-in-law know what you think.  Sorry, Mark, but motocross boots and swimtrunks are NOT the new fad.  Try again.

#2.  You will always have someone by your side.

 #3.  Someone is always there to help when you need it.

#4.  You never have to stand alone.

#5.  You will always have someone to play with, talk to, and share your same interests.

#6.  Family is always there to laugh & have fun with.

#7.  At the end of the day, you make sure everyone is HOME SAFE.

Thanks for a fun vacation everyone!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

With all the nice weather, Karl has still been busy spraying.  It looks "small" in this picture but when you stand up next to it with the booms out, it is a monstorous machine!!  They are getting caught up on spraying beans and the next round will be in a few weeks with insecticide & fungicide.

Because my handyman is busy spraying my Saturday's are spent working on the yard by myself.  I spent 2 1/2 hours picking up logs/sticks from our big patch of yard where a lot of trees were taken out last year.  I had to document how many I picked up just so Karl could see how hard I worked ;)  There are still plenty more sticks where those came from but I got sick of it for one day :)  Mom, I apologize for ever complaining when you asked me to pick them up after a the way, what are you doing next weekend? ;) just kidding.

On Sunday we went to Sully and hung out with my family and then my aunt, uncle & family later in the day.  Kara let me try out her 110 bike, it was pretty fun :)

Renae was pretty excited about driving her four-wheeler in the Sully parade on the 4th.  She was testing it out and showing me how well it worked.  Her favorite part: the bucket on the back where she could cary and throw out candy.

The girls did sparklers while waiting for the fireworks to start.

4th of July= Holiday?  Not at our house :)  Karl & I both had the day off so we decided we should take advantage of that and we started tearing off siding.  We did the smallest side of the house, but it was a good tester, and it went pretty well!  We're going to work on the house in our "free" time and I'll be happy if the new siding is complete by the time the snow flies.

Tyvek- I better get used to it! :)

We had a great end to the weekend with swimming in the pond at hanging out with Karl's family.

Tonight we got home around 6 and decided we had a few good daylight hours to do the small peak above the wall we tore off.  I didn't care too much for being on the roof but because I wasn't going to climb up and down I had Karl take the pictures.  I'm sure it's hard to believe but then I started talking and goofing off, and talking and not paying attention, and talking and ........


Just kidding.  I posed for that too.  Did I get you to belive it? :)
Hope you all  had a wonderful 4th :)