Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer is coming to an end

Well, there's no doubt about it, summer is officially ending and harvest is just around the corner.  Summer has seemed to fly by but harvest & fall are my favorite times of year so I'm kinda excited! 

Last weekend my cousin Karrisa, a friend and I traveled up to Lake Okoboji for our friend Kirsten's bachelorette party.  Her co-worker had a house by the lake and let us use it for the night.  We went out for supper at Barraco's and it was an outdoor restaurant and we were able to overlook Lake Okoboji while eating dinner and feel the cool breeze.  Very pretty!

It was a fun night celebrating Kirsten's (in white) engagement.  She will marry AJ on Sept. 18.

Rowan came to hang out with me yesterday while his mommy worked and his daddy worked on my house.  He didn't care for the loud saw that was cutting the siding.

He did love riding the 4wheeler with his mommy though!

Last Sunday afternoon my family went boating with some family friends.  They have a wonderful boat and we had a great afternoon playing in the water & sun.  If you know Karl, when he gets complimented he grins really big and then tries to play it off like it's not that big of a deal.  Well, Karl is probably one of the most humble people I know, but somehow, when he is in the water it changes from humble to SHOW OFF!! He is really fun to watch! He was kinda entertaining too because he would do "something fancy" like ski out of the wake, and then jump over the wake to get back in and he would grin when he did it successfully and then we would all just laugh on the boat. He is great at everything! :)

and Surfing...
We didn't know surfing in Iowa was possible but they did it!  You hold on to a rope only to get yourself up out of the water and then you have to balance on the surfboard (no boots/slots to put your feet in) and stay right in the wake directly behind the boat.  Once you get your balance you let go of the rope and you magically continue to follow the boat as long as you keep your balance.  Looks and seems tricky but they did let go of the rope a few times!

Rachel & I tubing...... I think at one point (in between screaming like a girl) I told her I'd adopt Rowan if she died :)
Leah, Karl, Kristin, Matt, Rachel
Dad's way of enjoying the boat...a Sunday afternoon nap in the sun!   Poor guy needed his rest, he had a lot of work ahead of him on my house this past week! :)
Another one of our summer projects.....the last I remember, I believe I said "If the siding is on by the time it snows I'll be happy".  Well, IT'S ALL ON! I'm so impressed and never imagined it'd be done this quickly.  My dad and Karl worked on it A LOT this past week and it's 98% finished, just a few pieces, caulking and it'll be done!  So each night when I came home from work, my house was further and further along.  I thought "Why is it that when I ask (I like to think of it as a friendly reminder ;)) for something to be done it seems to take FOREVER, but when I don't ask it just happens?".  Well, I guess I learned my lesson in being patient! :)  Good things come to those who wait.....So, does that mean if I tell Karl that if the deck is complete before it snows that'll get done next week? HAHA just kidding :)

Day by Day...

We had a few helpers on Saturday to get it finished up.  Thanks to Andy, Matt, Kurt & my Dad for helping!!!!
Karl slaving away...
It may seem like they're working hard, and they were, but there was also a lot of joking and poking fun of eachother all day.  Great crew=Great work
Thanks to our friend Russ we had an awesome lift that Karl loved to use.  It made the high parts not so difficult!
And here is a finished side.  I think it looks great and am very thankful!
Last night we invited Karl's siblings over for supper and play games.  We figured with school, harvest, and just a busy time of year coming up, it would be nice to take a break and hang out together.  It is soooo fun for me to hang out with them when children aren't around, because I rarely experience that (don't get me wrong, I love each child very much!! It's that I joined the family at the point when there was already 9 kids so I didn't get to see them in the before-children stage).  I loved watching them interact as couples and got to see a different side of them, so to speak.  It is fun for me to see different parts of their personalities. We're very lucky to have such great siblings!!  It was a great relaxing night with lots of laughs!  Thanks for coming everyone! :)

Oh yeah.... one more thing! My mom turned 40 YEARS OLD this past week.....oh wait, did I say 40?  I meant 40+11!!!! So I believe, if I added this correctly, she is a whopping 51. :)  We took her out for lunch and she loved being embarrased by the servers at the Mexican restaurant singing to her with a big ol' sombraro on her head.   Happy Birthday Mom! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I've Learned

Over the past few weeks I've learned a few new things:

#1-  When you ask your husband to help you fold the clothes that are in the dryer...don't throw them on the bed.  Your husband then takes all the unfolded clothes and uses them as a warm blanket.  When you come back 5 minutes later to help him, they won't be folded.

#2-  My parents are going through a mid life crisis together-- they are now wearing barbed wire.  Just kidding, kind of. :) Every time we see them they have new accessories for their Harley.  This past Sunday they had new do-rags, my dad's has barbed wire on it.  Supposedly, they help your head from itching when wearing your helmet all day.  Rachel put it on just to make fun of them, but they actually wear them every time they ride!  Oh, P.S. Dad, thanks for the ride on Sunday! :)
#3- When there are pink flamingo's in your yard, that means it's your birthday!  Last week my coworkers and I went to another coworkers house for lunch, and her neighbor had lots of pink flamingo's in her yard with a sign that said "You've been flocked".  Apparently this is a big thing in Monroe & Pella....I had never heard of it before!

#4- Don't let your brothers in your corn field when it's still green...they take it out!  JUST KIDDING :)  This is part of the summer tile/terrace program we are enrolled in.  Kurt dozed out some trees and fence rows, Steve dozed  and helped with tiling, and BJ & Karl tiled.  Mike will help build terraces this fall when our corn is out.  The tile and terraces will be wonderful for the field & crops from now on and it's so nice having your family do the work, cause then you don't have to hire other people and you know it's done right.  No worries, the money we get from the program will go back to you guys :)

#5- If you buy a vehicle, that is the only time that your husband will read instructions!!  This past week we were fortunate enough to buy a truck.  When we got home that night, Karl was putting on the mud flaps, and was reading instructions on how to do it!! This was the first time I had EVER seen him read the instructions page before working on something.  On a side note- we are very thankful to have a reliable, trustworthy vehicle now.  No more wondering if the truck will start in the winter and if I'll be able to make it down the snowy gravel with my car.  Oh and by the way...the truck is named "Kristin's Truck", incase anyone was wondering :) 

#6- Don't blame your husband for making the bathtub might be your own fault. :(  I had just got done cleaning the house and Karl got out of the shower and the bottom "ring" was all brown and nasty.  I was kinda frustrated because the shower hadn't been cleaned for more than an hour and it was dirty again.  Karl claimed it wasn't his fault and that he didn't know why it was brown. He had mentioned a week or so ago that the tub wasn't draining well.... I told him it's becaue he takes 30 minute showers. :)  SO, Karl decided to take off the drain cover and see what he could find.  You don't really wanna know what he found, but I'm going to tell you anyway.......He found 10 months worth of long blonde hair all tangled up in the drain.  At first he tried grabbing smaller wads out with his fingers, but then he about gagged and decided his pliers would work better.  Needless to say, the dirty tub was my fault after all, and was pretty disgusting to clean out.  Oh well, our drain works well again and no more dirty bath tub ring!! :)

Hope you all enjoyed that post and maybe you learned new things too!! I also hope you all envision me as if I were telling these stories in person, using an exaggerated and joking tone :)  Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Happenings/Tyvek Update

Here are a few random highlights of our past few weeks!

It wouldn't be summer without grilling.  I've learned it's Karl's favorite thing, and I'm all about it because that means I don't really have to cook that night! :)
 Leah wanted to catch "a really big fish like Karl's" luck, but it was still fun!
 Last weekend we celebrated Layton & RJ's birthdays.  We went to Texas Roadhouse for supper and then went mini-golfing over in West Des Moines.  It was a very fun night and love that we have great friends to hang out with!  At the roadhouse, we got the waiters to get Layton & RJ to sit on the saddle for their birthday....not Layton's favorite thing.
 RJ really enjoyed it, so it seems :)
 Kandis, myself, Emily, Dee & Tori
 The boys didn't want to pose, so I got what I could :)
Us girls played against eachother, and the boys played against eachother behind us.  We decided that one of us had to be the first to get a hole in one, before the boys did.  So, on the 13th hole, we all decided that Dee was going to putt, race after it, put it in the hole with her hand, and then we all would yell & be excited that she got a "hole in one".  So Dee putts, CHARGES after her ball and it just so happened to roll right into the hole without her assistance.  Therefore, we all yelled a little louder-- it was very funny--maybe you had to be there.  Regardless, Dee was very proud of herself.  Lucky #13.
 Karl & Andy both got hole in one's on hole 15-- great job!
 Oh, insultation!  I thought I would never have to see you again!  While tearing off the siding the one porch had a black cardboard "wall" and so we tore that off and Karl had to put up all new plyboard before we could Tyvek it.  I was hoping I'd never have to see that insulation again-- it brought back a lot of memories from this time last year, when we were trying to complete the inside of the house!
 The new plyboard walls.
 The siding is all GONE!! I repeat, GONE!! I am so thrilled.  Karl has done such a great job!!A special thank you to my dad & Kurt for helping the last couple days!!
 Tyvek- Tyvek- Tyvek everywhere!
 I think I will get used to the Tyvek for a while.  My sister Rachel, ever so honestly told me that the Tyvek looks better than what the siding did.  Sad thing is, I think I agree!! Haha :)
Lastly, but definately not least, these are the beautiful flowers from my wonderful husband.  I came home from work and they were setting on the kitchen table and brought a huge smile to my face as I walked in the door.  I think my favorite part is the notecard he hand wrote and filled both sides and put in the flowers.  I love you, Karl!