Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Monday, October 31, 2011

1st Anniversary

1 year ago we were planning, preparing and experiencing one of the most memorable days of our lives- our wedding on 10.30.10.  It was a beautiful 60 degree day, harvest was over, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  The below picture is one of my favorites, simply a picture of us enjoying our "big" day- it was SUCH a fun day!  I could go on and on about it and tell you every detail that happened...what I need to do is write all the things down that I remember because in 20 years I won't remember! Sometimes, just for fun I look at all 1,000+ wedding pictures- I can't get enough!  It definately does not seem that it was a year ago-- time flies when you're having fun! :)
Happy Anniversary, Karl :)
To celebrate, on Saturday we took off and headed for Des Moines- went shopping, and out for supper at Texas Roadhouse and stayed in a hotel that night.  It was a nice get a way and lots of fun reminiscing about the past year.
When we got home on Sunday night we had trick or treaters come to our door.  We had a cow & a bridesmaid! :)  I knew the little cow was coming but I didn't expect to see a bridesmaid at my door- I actually got tears in my eyes...and I don't typically cry!  It had to be because it was a special day :)
 He even had a tail!!
 My wedding dress is still at my parents house so I didn't get to put it on on Sunday.. I was jealous when Rachel showed up in her dress so I grabbed the next best thing, my bouquet and pretended to hold that :)
 Rowan loooooves Uncle Karl!
 Sooo cute!
 He even grazes in the grass!! haha :)
 By far, the cutest cow in the barnyard!

Thanks to everyone who wished us a Happy Anniversary and have been supporting and praying for us!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Proud Cousin

Monday night was a very special night for two of my cousins.  Kara, who is in fourth grade at SCS has been growing her hair out for over a year for a great organization: Locks of Love.  She teared through the tangly mess of her thick hair for the last year.  Finally, she had grown it long enough, 10 inches could be cut off.  Here is the before pictures:
 It's going.....going......gone!!
 10 inches cut off!
 The after picture:
 Great job Kara- you did something very selfless and will make someone very very happy with your donation!
Taylor is in the center of the picture, to the right of the plant in the background (purple dress).  This is my cousin Taylor at the Tulip Queens Announcement Party which is where they are interviewed, quizzed, and judged on whether or not they will make the tulip court.  Taylor did a wonderful job!  She seemed to be very relaxed and poised.  Her work paid off and she made the court! She will represent Pella well on the 2012 Tulip Court along with 4 other girls.  Be sure to watch for her next year at Tulip Time! 
Side note: Taylor had cut her hair off a year ago for Locks of Love and inspired Kara to do it :)
I got home from the volleyball game the other night and we had a hot, fresh, homemade peach pie sitting at our doorstep along with a note, our neighbors had given us an anniversary gift. :)  It was very thoughtful and kind of them-- we definately appreciated it!

Ahhhh....It's almost the weekend!! :) 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy Fall

Ahhh, harvest.  One of my favorite things to do is go ride in the combine.  Last Saturday Emily & I headed out to ride with Kurt & Karl all day.  I told her we deserved an A+ in the farmers' wife category because we spent our only day off not at home, rode all day in the combine until they quit at night, and brought them 2 hot meals for lunch and dinner (granted they weren't homemade, but it was food).  It's so hard to try to decide how to spend my Saturday's because I have one day to get all my odd jobs done but I don't always want to spend my Saturday's "working" either!  I usually try to do laundry, cleaning, and baking throughout the week so that I don't have that on my list for Saturday's too. 

Kurt & Em finishing up a row.
This picture didn't turn out as pretty as it was in person.  Em pointed out that the sun was setting and glowing on the old church in Union Mills.  Random fun fact: Em loves the look of old churches :)

Karl took this picture one morning.  It's not unusual to see deer near our fruit trees in the back yard.

This is Miss Natalie Mae, our newest precious niece!  BJ & Cassia had this beautiful baby girl on Tuesday morning.  I went and saw her in the hospital after work that day and she was being loved and held by all her siblings.  I think she looks like Adalli, but then again I didn't see the other kiddos as babies.  Welcome to the family, beautiful! :)
Yesterday I spent my Saturday running grain cart for my dad.  I love going home and helping.  I also love knowing where all the farms are at and not having to get directions to some random field like I have to around Osky.  It was a great day.  My little sister brought out homemade hot monkey bread for breakfast that my mom had made.  We finished out a field and moved to another AND I got to eat "the interstate" for lunch-- oh how I miss living 5 minutes from the interstate restaurant!
 The field we moved to was the one that got hit by the 100 mph winds this past summer.  The field didn't get hit like the fields near Marshalltown that they showed on the news but there were quite a few random spots of down corn in this field.  It's funny to try to think about how the wind works, leaving some strong tall corn and the next stalk be flat to the ground.

I love this picture.  When we were opening up the field I rode with my dad instead of driving the grain cart around while he did end rows.  My sister Leah is sitting in front of me.  This picture reminds me of when I was little and this is exactly how we would sit: the oldest kid on the buddy seat and the younger sibling on the toolbox.  We were reminiscing about how we remembered how badly our behinds hurt from the handle of the infamous "red toolbox".  When the schoolbus was getting close to our house we would start bickering about who got to go ride with dad first!  The first one to ride brought out coffeetime and whoever rode last brought out supper.  I don't know why but we ALWAYS wanted to eat supper with dad in the combine...and he would always pack an extra pop for his passengers :)

I have another busy week ahead.  Monday night- Tulip Court Announcement Party - my cousin Taylor (Emily's sister) is in the top 12 and tomorrow night decides who makes the court.  Tuesday night- Volleyball game- like to go watch it and support our youth group kids.  Wednesday night- Football game - watch it for fun, to support Mike (karl's brother, he's a coach) and to watch the youth group kids.   It's month end & fiscal year end at work so that in itself will be very busy trying to wrap everything up for fiscal 2011.  It's our anniversary next weekend so at least I have a reason to look forward to the weekend! :)  Hope you're weekends were great!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Weekend @ Auntie Kristin & Uncle Karl's

 Hi everybody!  My name is Rowan and I am Kristin & Karl's nephew.  I will be 6 months old in a week or so and I got to spend my first overnighter at their house!  Mommy & Daddy had to go to a wedding in Michigan this weekend so I told them I wanted to go to Auntie Kristin's house!  I'm pretty spoiled so I got what I wanted!  Auntie Kristin always talks about how she loves pictures and blogging and so I thought I'd try it out and tell you about my weekend!

Mommy & Daddy took me to Karl & Kristin's house late on Friday night, said our good byes and put me to bed.  I was such a good boy- I didn't wake up the whole night!! Auntie Kristin was soooo excited and happy with me!
We went out to be with Uncle Karl in the tractor and that was fun pushing buttons and riding on his lap.  I like watching the big wheels go round and round. 
I got pretty sleepy from all that hard work of driving tractor so Auntie Kristin took me home to play and take naps.  I love laying on the floor and kicking my legs and trying to suck on my feet. 
We played with toys lots and lots and I drooled all over everything! :)
When I woke up from my naps I liked to cuddle and of course, suck on some toys.  I kinda like watching Auntie Kristin's favorites on TV with her!  (only for about 10 min. though...then I want to play with toys)

MMMMM.  I love milk and cereal!  Kristin calls me a human alarm clock-- I let her know when every 3 hours passes by :)
Oh boy I love my jumparoo too!  We brought this from home cuz it's my favorite toy!  I jump jump jumped in it all Sunday morning before church!  Uncle Karl put the TV on Animal Planet and we watched a show about doggies while Kristin got ready for church.
I learned how to reach out my hands for people!  Auntie Kristin told me I'm only allowed to stick out my hands to her, no one else.  We'll see if I remember this rule the next time I see her!
Uncle Karl let me drive his truck for a little bit...don't worry, we weren't on the highway.
YAYYYYY!!! (SQUEAL) They said they would take me on a four wheeler ride!! I love being outside and riding fourwheeler! :)
Ahhh, it was such a beautiful day!
Thanks for letting me stay over!  I had so much fun and Mommy & Daddy were glad to know I was having fun while they were gone.  They missed me lots!  Miss you guys already- I'll come over again soon!! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


On Sunday afternoon Karl and I carved pumpkins together.  Can you believe I've never carved a pumpkin?  I've painted pumpkins, but never carved them. It was very fun :)
 Pulling all the "stringy, mushy, seedy, nasty stuff" out of the middle of the pumpkin :)
Karl carved a face on one side and IOWA on the other.
 YUM!! Just kidding... I didn't let any of it even touch my mouth!
The finished product, our twin pumpkins :)
The other night after work I went out to ride with Karl and I couldn't help but notice it was he and Kurt driving the combines.  I thought, I better ask while I have the chance and they both agreed to stop after they unloaded on the grain cart and take a picture for me.  I thought it was ironic that twins were driving twin combines...not identical combines...not identical twins...but twins :)
 I like this picture a lot! Thanks boys! :)