Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Friday, December 21, 2012

Almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas!  I had a snow day yesterday from work- it was AWESOME.  I cleaned my house spotless, finally switched over my winter clothes to the closet, did lots of laundry and checked a few things off my "Christmas Break" list of to do's.  Who doesn't love a head start on that?!  Went back to work today after the roads were cleared and now have 7 consecutive business days off of work-- HALLELUJAH!!! :)  Between now & January 2 I can only think of 2 days that I don't have something going on though... regardless, it will be a very fun relaxing break and I am excited!  

December has seemed to fly by-- preparing & planning for the youth group candlelight service took up most of my time and getting ready for Christmas gatherings, etc.  Here are a few random pics:
A couple weeks ago Auntie Leah's backpack was REALLY heavy from all the books to study for exams!  Rowan tried to put it on, and put her shoes on after, but kept falling over backwards....he never did even make it to the shoes! :)
 The Star.  I would like a round of applause for Aunt Julie & I.  Decorating a star w/ four strands of Christmas lights is harder than it looks or sounds....but we did it! :)  "Grandpa" Jr. Vos made this star the year that Grandma Van Wyk passed away.  He's put lights on it and put it on top of the grain bin every year since.  Last year, Jr. passed away on December 31.  Julie felt like Jr. would really like to see it up again this Christmas so we made that happen.  (we, as if i'm taking credit for it).  I'm not sure who they forced to climb the ladder and put it up, but it wasn't me- I just helped w/ the lights.
 Julie noticed the cool reflection of the star on the grain trailer wheels-- I told her this pic would make the blog :)

 Asplundh!  I came home from work one day and Karl said "yea, there was Asplundh trucks working on the trees on the road today".... I responded "So, i'm assuming you took a picture for me?!?!" ..karl..."nope".  Well, thankfully they were there the next morning as well-- I left my camera at home and he took some pictures for me :)  Asplundh is one of the accounts that my group works with/on on a regular basis.  You know it's them because they paint all their equipment orange.  I think this is a BC1000XL behind the truck.   It's always fun to see some of the stuff you work on everyday out in "the real world" :)
Early Christmas present for Karl.  We got this in the mail a week or so ago-- 5.44 lbs of Smoked Rack of Pork.....this could be a Christmas gift that's hard to beat ;)

We have Candy Day tomorrow and then tomorrow night our Christmas gatherings begin!  

Merry Christmas to all! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Highlights

November proved to be busy as usual!  Our highlightes:
Our steel got put on the corn crib.  I think it looks really nice!
 Youth Group seems likes it's really busy this November & December.  Above was a picture taken after we got done raking leaves for elderly people.  We also had a fundraiser this month.   Preparing videos & powerpoints for the Thanksgiving service took up a lot of my nights this month as well!
Matt was a frequent visitor to our house.  I think it's funny how he has to shower with certain "chemicals", carry his clothes is "special" bags, and not touch anything "human" before going out into the tree stand.  Sounds boring to me :)
Busted!!!  When Matt was hunting Rach & the boys would come hang out at our house.  Rowan climbed up on the table and started eating out of the candy jar.  Sneaky!
 How many candies do you have in those fat cheeks of yours?!
 A nice Sunday afternoon hike was relaxing this month.
 Beautiful view.
 Volleyball started this month too!  It is SO fun!! I love it, and probably get a little too competitive when the game is close :)  In the first game we played, apparently a 30 yr old guy didn't think I had ups or something and he went up to hit it- and I literally blocked it straight back down into his face.  I screamed a yell of joy because I was so proud of myself and after I calmed down I heard him mumble..."wow, that was embarassing".  I won't forget that for quite some time :) :)

 Kipper got a Thanksgiving meal too! :)
 My new table centerpiece.  It came from a craft show that I went to.
 Ahhhhhh. Carrie Underwood.  This was my surprise anniversary gift from Karl.  We went to Moline, IL to the concert and spent the next day at Farm & Fleet a some shopping along the way home :)
She was an amazing entertainer.  I put more pictures on facebook :)

Something I was thankful for this Thanksgiving & always- Family!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Wrap-Up

Fall seems like it's here & gone, although in my mind fall isn't over until Thanksgiving. Hoping the weather stays nice and cool for a while before turning frigidly cold :) 
Uncle Karl's hat is a little big on me!
I thought it was a little ironic that Karl & Kurt sang "I want to be just like you" at Dryson's baptism that morning... and then I got this picture.  Obviously Rowan & Dryson want to be like their own daddy but thought this was still cute!!

Our only trick-or-treaters!
He's getting the hang of this filling a sack with candy thing!
Cutest lil' pumpkin!
Can you tell what this says?!  I made a peanut butter cup cheesecake and thought all along how great it would be to spell out "Happy 2 Year Anniversary" in PB cups... well, that was a great and fine idea until I realized how small the cheesecake was and how large my words were :)  so, I came up with this.... "Hap 2 Yr".... it took Karl a couple tries to guess but he finally got it :)  It's not about presentation but about the taste, right?!
Speaking of taste.... Norma's cake-- enough said!! Any excuse to order one is worth it! :)  Happy 2nd Anniversary, Karl- Love you :)
 We had a halloween treat party at work (aka something exciting to brighten up the day and take a 15 min break to talk to everyone).   We were all supposed to bring in spooky, creepy treats.  I made these eyeballs!   They had butterfinger type filling in them-- yummy!  Other brought in snack mix & called it "gobblins chow" etc.  It was a fun & filling morning! :)
 The winner!  One girl brought in these human fingers.  Isn't that disgusting?! She did a great job and clearly won! :)
This past Sunday we got together for Gramps' birthday.  The above 4 people are not related at any way.....  JUST KIDDING!!  Makes me laugh how similar all my dad's family looks!  Left to right:  Dad, Aunt Maureen, Gramps, & Uncle Mark.  Lookin' good, Dad... you're the only one left with some dark hair :)

Jenny- here's my input for you.  I'm so glad we were able to explain to you the difference between a cow & a bull this past week.  I'm also glad you learned how to ask a farmer what type of farm he has..."livestock or row crop".  Maybe at Thanksgiving/Christmas we can teach you the difference between a boar & a sow :)  ....and I also hope you're laughing out loud (which wouldn't be hard for you) right now :)
 Lastly, Happy 82nd Birthday Gramps!  You may walk a little slower, and repeat yourself sometimes, but you're still doing pretty good for an old guy :)  To that comment, if I could hear my grandpa right now he would say "I wish I'd be around when you get old to make fun of you!" :)  Love ya!   If you are a part of my family and know Gramps, you'll find the following phrases very funny.  Some of his best sayings: "Darned if I know" "If ya stop movin, call Duven", "Kick the bucket", "Porchamonkeys", "Fire in the mountain, snake in the grass"....and definately last but not least, in complete silence he will randomly yell "HO!" hahahaha LOL.  I'm crying from laughing so hard right now.  Sometimes I wonder if I got my amazing sense of humor from him?! :)

Have a great November! Be thankful!

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Happenings

A few fun pics!
I love the cooking group I'm part of.  Awesome girls & I love having supper ready to throw in the oven when I get home!!  Last time, we had gotten done with all the recipes and just had one left that we were working on, so while other girls started cleaning up some of us started what we called the "burrito line".  We were stuffing, rolling, wrapping & bagging some breakfast burritos-- wahoo for teamwork :)
What the heck is in your yard Auntie Kristin?  I don't have those at my house!
Oooooo  they're fun to throw!! :)
Go fetch, Kipper!! :)  I know, you all are JEALOUS of the walnuts that completely take over my yard to the point where it is a solid layer of walnuts.  Actually one windy Sunday I could hear them dropping to the ground when I had the windows open... it was kinda funny :)
I told Rowan to wave "buh-bye".... instead he reached for the throttle and Matt waved "buh-bye".... whatever works! :) 
Shopping trip to Des Moines w/ sister in laws!! Very successful day & sooo fun to hang out with them for a whole day.  Great company & conversation! :)  (not to mention beautiful!!!!!!)
Speaking of beautiful, of course pictures never do justice but this is the look out my kitchen window-- pretty pretty trees!!
Last weekend we had a bonfire at Dee & Layton's new house.  The hot tub was AWESOME!! We informed them that their house is the new hangout this winter :)
Science center? Nope.  Museum? Nope.  Dee's sun room? Yup!!  Dee has this awesome sunroom in her house that is just beautiful...and then there is this lower section that is the walk out door to the hot tub and the previous owners planted a palm tree in their house!  It also has small cactus growing around the bottom of it.  Dee said she wasn't sure how long it was going stay in her house, but for now it's quite the conversation piece!! :)  I told her to leave it.... in the middle of the winter we can sit in the hot tub, look at the palm tree and pretend that we are in Mexico :)
Our "puppy".  Karl said he has to be 100 lbs. by now.
He's still pretty cute :)
Ever wondered how a combine works?!  Stuff like this blows my mind... A) how can someone create this?  B) how can someone fix this?
Dusty - dusty!!  This was my ride all day on Saturday w/ Dad :) :)
Dirt work.  I bet our nieces/nephews would have loved to hit this up with their motorcycles :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Firsts

For the first time, we have a red barn! I was pretty nervous about it but Karl really wanted it to be red.  What also made me nervous was Karl on an unstable ladder, propted up by the skidloader.  I stood on the ground for moral support :)  Thanks Aunt Julie for letting us borrow your paint sprayer....again!
The roof will get white steel on it later this fall/winter.  The top door got a new coat of white paint so that pops better now too (not shown in pic).

Johnathon hung out with us for a couple hours on a Saturday.  I'm not sure what the boys were doing on the lawnmower....but they weren't mowing!! :)
 I took part of a day off work so I could be with Karl when he combined our beans at home.  Not only do I love being in the combine but it was a fantastic break in the middle of the week!
 We got to the flat rows and I learned how to drive!  My dad agreed with me that it's a good thing I learned on a green machine incase I wrecked...... so, watch our dad-- I'm coming to drive the new yellow one!! :)
IH & Dekalb shirts = REPRESENT :)
Our newest newphew! Dryson David was born on September 19.
 We are outnumbered guys to girls (6-4) on my family's side.  Better start poppin' out some girls Rach!!
Uncle Karl
Proud Big Brother Rowan.  Rowan gives Dryson kisses, which is precious... but has also very quickly learned the word "MINE" :) 
Precious baby.