Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and forms.  Gifts are fun to give & receive.  Here are a couple that I received for my birthday a few weeks ago.

My friend Joslin sent me flowers to work.  What a wonderful surprise from a wonderful friend! They were beautiful! :)
 Karl asked me what I wanted for my birthday and so, here it is:
 Karl finished the woodwork on the stairs & the den closet doors.  This was the last pieces of woodwork that was missing from the house!  It's now complete.  I love having it finished :)  He got it done while I was gone to FL for work so it was a great surprise when I got home (the stairs were definately time consuming)!!
 Last year we got the yard to the point where it was mowable and could look nice.  This year, we are going to get out all the divots and make it even and resow some seed.  The backyard & "middle" yard needs some help too as that was mowed with the bat-wing last year....I'm hoping that by the end of summer I can mow it all with a regular mower.  No stumps, no sticks, no divots.... I can hope, right? :)  When I got home the other night from work I saw the skidloader parked over by the sheds.... I walked in the house and asked Karl if we had a really big gopher in our yard... :)
 He started to dump some black dirt on the divots to begin evening out the yard.  This trench is where he ran wire from the basement out to the sheds so that we can have barn lights!
 Well, the cement stairs got taken away from the front door and black dirt poured all around the front of the house.  Since Karl did a great job on the deck I asked him to build me stairs out the front door.  I'm thinking that this will be my Christmas present again next year.  With spring/busy season in progress I'm not thinking this will be done ANY time soon.  That's okay though, I've learned I need to work on my patience :)
 I needed a necklace hanger because they didn't fit in my jewerly box very well anymore and it was hard to untangle them all to get one necklace out (usually when I'm in a big hurry for work because I got up late).  So, after looking online & in stores I didn't see anything I liked so I found a DYI one on the internet and got creative with it.  I took a barn board from our corn crib, and then had Karl cut it to the size I wanted  and he put pretty edges on it.  Then, I spray painted it brown w/ sparklies.  I bought decorative drawer knobs at Hobby Lobby and then screwed those into the barn board and Wa-lah!  I was pretty impressed with myself :)  This is the one that I made for my sister- a housewarming/birthday gift.
 I put different knobs on both but really like the way they turned out. Here is mine hanging in my bedroom :)

Although there is no such thing as Spring Break in the working world, I hope to get some stuff done to the yard this coming week with awesome weather on the way and now that it will be light out at night!! 
 I hope you're able to count your gifts/blessings by the multitude! :)