Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here!

Youth Group got over a couple weeks ago.  Below is the picture of the seniors we are saying goodbye to.  I think this will be one of those special classes that you don't forget, because they were the first.  We had a great year with them and will definately miss them.  We still have the Memorial Day Pancake breakfast & our serve trip coming up so we are done with the Wednesday nights but not "done" yet for the year...still lots of planning to do!
Karl field cultivating our field.
If you've seen our "yard" at all in the past few months you could see that it's torn up, rocky, and full of sticks/logs.  I realized that with it being spring I was on my own for picking up all the rocks & logs because Karl wouldn't be around.  So, I took it upon myself to use my head and figure out how I could get this done quickly & efficiently.  Ah! Light bulb went off-- I'd hire my niece/nephews to help me! :)  This job would have taken me a solid week, picking up every single night to even make a dent in it.  So, I took off work early one day, picked up the kiddos from school and had them help me for a couple hours.  We got done WAY more that what I imagined!  I knew there was a lot out there, but didn't know how much until we loaded it up in the trailer.  We had 4 carts full!  (Good thing I had the boys to help me take the hitch pin out and dump the trailer since it wasn't hydraulic)  We even found random things in the back "yard" that were still from when we cleaned out the house- like glass jars or tiny toys.  We got it done and Karl had time to seed it quick before it rained one morning.  So we'll see...hopefully we'll have some grass growing soon!  The thing that impressed me the most was that these 3 kids knew the importance of working to get paid/rewarded.  They are so young but know they have to work if they want to get anywhere-- it's amazing how many adults in America who have no idea what this means...  Back on point, when we were done Jon said "I'd come work for you again" response Rachel said "Ya! It was actually fun! I mean, (1) you picked us up from school (2) you paid us (3) and we got pop!" :)  Well, whatever their motivation, it was fantastic help and I was very thankful for their willingness! :)
Now, I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our yard... this stinkin' coon!  We put our trash can up on the deck so that the grass could grow without it sitting on the ground.  A few nights in a row we've heard this crashing/knocking noise from outside- couldn't ever figure out what it was... until one time I made Karl go look and he said "come here! you're not going to believe this!"  .... much to my dismay the pic below is what we saw.  Yup, the coon is just sitting there chillin' in our trash!  Creating it's own sort of sick, twisted, gourmet buffet!  So what is that knocking noise we hear?  It's the coon taking the lid off of the can and throwing it on the deck!  Which, is complete craziness to me because it takes me 2 hands in order to get the lid off-- it's "Hefty" ...not like it's easy just to rip off like taking a kleenex out of a box... it takes a little wiggling to get it loose, like trying to get the one piece of Twizzler unstuck from the rest of the pack.  Regardless, we need to think of a new way to get rid of him--any ideas? He has "overwelcomed" his stay!  Oh, and he may look small in this picture but it is the BIGGEST coon I've ever seen in my life!
And this is what happens when the coon realizes he's being watched and having his picture taken... he bolts outta there in a big hurry!

Cute "baby" -- Rowan turns 1 next week!
We took a grankid picture w/ Grandpa & Sharon at Easter.  Everyone was able to be there but Jared so we decided we better take one w/ so many of us there!  It was a very beautiful, fun day to hang out with everyone.
Van Wyk Granddaughters -- how many grandpa's/dad's can be so lucky to have such good lookin' girls? :)
(back) Nicole, Karissa, Leah, Brooke, Kristin, Rachel, Taylor, Jordon
(front) Emily, Kelly, Kara, Renee, Courtney