Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The BIG Announcement!

Haven't you all just been SO curious as to what the big announcement was?!  Well, it's official.  Karl & I are parents.  We adopted a puppy!! :)  Because we only had a week to prepare as opposed to 9 months we hurried up and made him a home & picked a name.  He was born on March 19th and we adopted him on May 7th.  Here Karl is preparing for our lil' bundle of joy :)

Made a dog house very quickly!
Yes, if you're thinking what I'm thinking... How did the dog house get new shingles before my house did?  Well, it was a test to make sure the ones I picked out I'd like w/ my siding.... my house is getting them in July :)
Oh wait, 10 points to whoever answers this next question right:  What in the above and below pictures looks VERY familiar?  Answer: THE PLYBOARD!! I was under that impression that my plyboard sidewalk had bit the dust and got burned in our large trash pile... apparently, that is only what my husband told me, not what actually happened.  When he was nailing it to the studs I asked where he got the plyboard from (knowing he didn't get it at the hardware store w/ the other wood) .. he replied "it's your sidewalk!".  When I thought he was burning it, he took it and put it in the machine shed... he has learned that when it comes to some things for me "out of sight, out of mind" :)  I'm so glad my thrifty husband made good use out of it :)  (aka, this stupid plyboard will never leave my house)
We had some leftover siding from doing the house last summer (don't worry, we still have enough to finish the small patch on the front of the house that I stare at every day when I come home from work wondering when it will ever be finished)  ...but we got a good looking doggie house!! :)  
And here he is:  my baby Kipper :)  You can't not go "Awwwwwww" his face is sooo cute! :)
Our little family :)  This was his first night at home and so he slept in the mudroom.  This was and is the only stay he's ever had/will have in the house.  He has an awesome house outside to live in now :)  I love him to pieces but as I've always said "dogs are for the farm, not the house" :)
I love my puppy!!!!  He is yellow lab, black lab, chow & boxer.
Kipper goes a lot of places with me.  We've been to "the shop", we've been to ball games (and gotten kicked out of them...funny story), we've ridden the lawnmower together & gone four wheeling.  Anytime I'm at home & outside he's by my side (I find myself to be outdoors a lot more this spring than usual).  One Saturday we took a drive to Ottumwa to go pick up the four wheeler and Kipper decided to sprawl out and take a little nap on my lap on the way home.  He's so precious :)
Kipper also likes to play w/ Karl when he's at home.  This particular night Karl got home from a loong day of spraying and we were sitting on the deck waiting for him to come home.  After deciding it was too much work to sit up, he laid down and almost fell asleep so Kipper joined him... Like father like son :)
Then Kipper wanted to play....
Fine, if you're going to be a bum and sleep I'm going to lay here and watch you.
Leah & I had a little too much fun at Petco one day.  You could buy these cute name tags and get them engraved right there in the store!  So of course I had to get him one to put on his collar!  Kipper is on one side and our cell phone #'s are on the other.
Some have referred to him as "my child" or "my baby"... well, that about sums it up! I love this little guy :)  He has learned to not jump on the screen door, not try to come in the house, and not to run by vehicles.  He loves having his belly tickled and under his chin.  He's slowing learning his name & to only bite his toys, not hands (of course it doesn't hurt).  He plays catch (kinda) with his squishy bone and loves his chew toys!
Me & my baby.  You can't not love his face :)  He's going to grow up to be a big boy-- look at his paws!!
He's such a good boy.  I hope you all can meet Kipper sometime :) :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Oh my stars!! I can't hardly believe I'm posting something!  It has been long over a month that I have not been able to log into my blog.  Every time I tried it said "done, with errors on the page".  What a frustrating thing.  I tried everything... and then decided I wasn't smart enough to figure it out and so I asked the IT people at work.  They told me I needed to update my internet explorer to the latest version....did that, no such luck.  Turns out I had to download a completely different internet I'm now using Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer.  I'm just thrilled I can log in now :)  I've just had soo much to say and can't believe I held it in this long! :)  

First up, double rainbow over our corn crib.  One morning I was getting ready for work and Karl texted me a picture of a rainbow, I thought it was sweet.  I walked outside to leave for work & saw the double rainbow.  It was on April 18th.  Rowan's 1st Birthday & Natalie's 6 month birthday.  
Then, as I was driving down the gravel I realized it was a FULL double rainbow.  I tried hard to get the whole thing but wasn't far enough away... I think this one was taken when I pulled over on the side of the road by Beacon to try and get the whole double.  If you look hard you can see it :)
Rowan had quite the first birthday extravaganza!  Way more presents than any 1 year old should receive and yummy yummy YUMMY cake! We were supposed to be taking an aunt/uncle picture I think but Rowan just wanted to share some of his cake with me...and who was I to object?! :)
Ahhhh flowers.  I hope that someday I will have a landscape w/ flowers but for this year, we are just working on getting grass on our yard :)  Cassia took me to the greenhouse in Osky for the first time!  I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of different flowers they had so she did my shopping for me.  I showed her a picture and she went and found them for me- it was great!!  So, here are the fruits of our labors.  A beautiful bushel barrel filled with pretty flowers- I was pretty impressed!

Oh wait, why is this picture below different flowers from the two above?! Oh yes, that's because 2 of my flowers got completely eaten/chewed off....and so I had to put new flowers in my barrel.
 Oh, AND I elevated it to higher ground.... no chance getting eaten up here! :)
I had so much fun at the greenhouse that I bought a plant for inside too! (this one happened to catch my eye and I really like yellow) Thanks for all your help Cassia! :)
Tulip Time was a few weeks ago.  I was Bob the Builder in one of the afternoon parades.  Bob walked beside the Vermeer floats and stopped to see some dutchmen alongside the road.  This dutchman happened to be my uncle and he got to pose w/ Bob :)
Karl & I went to a parade one night to watch the parade and see Taylor, my cousin, who was on the court this year.  What a multi-tasker Karl is... watching the parade, getting a baby niece to sleep on his shoulder and still managing to satisfy his sweet tooth & eat a funnel cake.  What an amazing man ;)
Awww... now isn't that cute :)
Great job Taylor! You represented the town well.

Karl's newest ambition-- being a balance beam gymnist.  Just kidding.  One Sunday I was sitting in the living room and I looked out the window and Karl was walking around on our deck railing, arms crossed and it looked like he was thinking hard.  I snuck into the entryway and caught a picture of him through the door window without him noticing.  When I opened the door I think he was slightly embarrased that he got caught.  Apparently he got bored while grilling hamburgers and decided walking on the deck railing sounded enjoyable.  Oh the difference in us.... I don't think I would ever, in a million years, even think about hopping onto the railing and walking.  Maybe I'm just not creative?!  Anyway- it was pretty funny.
What a stud.

Well- that's all I've got to catch you up on the past month or so.  Keep watch for my next post about.. THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :) :)