Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Just a few of the random things we've done this summer so far! 
 We went to the wednesday night races at the southern iowa speedway.  The car, 2N in the picture, is a family friend from Sully who always makes it more exciting to know someone who is competing!
 Softball games galore! For a few weeks I was going to 3 games a week between niece Rachel, cousins Kara & Kelly, and friend Allie.  I love watching softball and it gave me a reason to be outside after being cooped up in the office all day!
 This is Rachel hitting the ball- she improved a lot over the season!!  She did great for her first year!

Rachel played by the pitcher, catcher, and outfield most of the time!

Kara & Kelly were on the same team.  Kara did great and is natural!  She played third base & catcher.  Kara can HIT the ball to the outfield if she gets a good one!

This picture is Kara sliding into home as Kelly (at bat) looks on.  Kelly does a great job and has a great attitude which is always appreciated.  I'm going to miss softball now that it's over!!
Father's Day harley ride with Dad :)

I stained my deck at the end of May. I started the job thinking that it wouldn't take more than a couple hours... boy was I wrong!  It ended up taking me 6 hours on one day and a few touch-ups a few days later.  I sure love my pretty railing but wow did I hate staining every one of those poles! I really like the color and how it turned out.
And just for the record.... I apologized to Karl for ever nagging on him that the house projects take too long.... I now understand how something "simple" takes a long time... :)
Kipper is getting bigger!  He plays with his chew toys a lot and likes hanging out under the deck on hot days.
 Just chillin..
 Yesterday we went for breakfast at an Amish restaurant in Chariton to celebrate Steve's birthday with family & friends.  From the table next to us I heard Adalli saying "princess, princess, princess".... we then realized she was talking about the Amish women's "costumes" :)
 Avery was chasing all the animals :)  Such a cutie!
We had Rowan spend the night with us last night while his mommy & daddy went to an out of town wedding.  He was such a good little boy and had fun playing tractors w/ uncle Karl :)  

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

YG Serve Trip- Minot, ND

As many of you know Karl & I went with our youth group & other leaders up to Minot, ND this past week for a mission trip. The people of Minot were hit with Red River flooding last spring.  Our group did a lot of gutting of houses so that other volunteers can later begin rebuilding.  The neighborhoods were devastating seeing all the houses abandoned and weeds growing all over.  Some houses had signs in the front yard that said "I'm coming back".  We were able to get a few details such as the following:

  • a lot of the flooding could've been prevented but it was due to poor reservoir management from all the snow in Canada the year before
  • 4,000 homes/business were affected
  • it was a category 5 disaster (same as hurricane katrina) but it received no national news because there were no deaths directly caused by the flood (there were many deaths from stress attacks later) and only 200 people had to live in shelters.  This is because we live in the midwest.  When you're family/friends have no where to go you take them in... and that's where all the residents stayed- at friends homes.
  • the buyout wasn't complete until this past February so no one could start reconstruction until they knew if their house would be bought out or not.  If it was decided to be bought out, it may not be bought out for 10 they rebuild in the meantime.
  • the most a family was given was $30,000 to rebuild (from the gov't) but 95% of the people only received $10,000  (you could apply for other gov't grants but not receive the $$ until years later)
  • majority of the homes had no flood insurance because they were told they would never need it
  • ND is the state that has the biggest/best economy in the country right now.  they have less than 1% unemployment rate and because of the oil boom up there the cost of everything has inflated and it is outrageous costs to live (and rebuild)
  • Known as "the forgotten flood" because of their remote location & lack of national news.  
Many of the other volunteers from other areas that were serving were 60 yrs old +.  Unfortunately, they can't do the hard intensive labor that younger people can.  They are in great need of young, strong volunteers, but as said before, many people don't want to travel to a remote location like Minot.

You can check out the page on facebook "Osky I CRC Youth Group" to see pictures from our trip!  Thanks for your prayers- it was a huge blessing to our entire group and hopefully to those we served.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Goin Ridin'

Goin Ridin'...that's what my parents response is everytime I ask them what their up to the coming weekend.  Pshhh.... Harley's....  c'mon 'rents, let me show you what REAL ridin' is :)
Last weekend we got invited to go riding at a family friends' farm.  We thought it was just a few of Karl's siblings and a couple friends.  Well, we showed up and there were A LOT more people than we expected.. it was awesome!!  We went riding through timber, land & cricks.  Up & down hills.  Through itch weed, pine trees and wild raspberry bushes.  It was great!  Karl & I had been here a time or two before but it was very different with that many people!  Before we took off they had a drivers meeting.  2 rules "#1, don't tailgate. #2 wait at an intersection until the driver behind you can see which way you go so no one can get lost (which is very possible)".  And off we went.... 
Riding the Trails
We stopped and lined up at the end to take a picture.  There was 30+ rangers, razr's and 4-wheelers and different times throughout the afternoon.
 Hmmm... i guess when you have lots of harley's in one place you call it "bike night".  I'm going to call this "ATV Fun" :)
How big of a family can you fit in a 3-seater ranger? The answer: 7 :)  This is Karl's brother BJ & wife Cassia w/ 5 kiddos (1 is in the carseat)  What a great way to spend family time together!

 I stood up on the fourwheeler to take a "birds eye view" pic.
 And now... Em's quote of the day: "You KNOW I do NOT do extreme sports!"  hahaha :)  Oh Emmers is just a good sport.  She may be the most beautiful girl you'll ever see riding in a ranger (holding on for dear life) but she only does it because she supports her husband and loves spending time with him in "his element".    Secretly I think she loves every minute of it :)  I love this girl. I consider myself very many people get to have one of their best friends be their cousin & sister in law?  Love ya em :)

 We ended the day riding up and down the cricks getting plenty wet, muddy and sandy.  Quite a few got stuck and the guys spent most of the time pulling each other out.    For some reason, I think that was the exciting part for them :)

We had a super fun afternoon and I can't wait to go ridin' again :)