Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Friday, August 31, 2012

Wedding Season

What have we been up to the past few weeks?  Weddings!  We had two cousins get married and had tons of fun at both weddings.  I put a lot of pictures this, since a pictures' worth a thousand words, I'll keep my comments to a minimum :)  (hard to believe, I know...)

Karl's cousin Hannah had a fun bachelorette party.  We had supper, played games & gave gifts.  We also did a scavenger hunt/challenge around town.  One of the things we had to do was "dance in the street" (or something like that) and so here we are dancing to the cupid shuffle in the Casey's parking lot.  I asked some random guy pumping gas to take our picture :)  left to right: Hannah, me, Emily, Becky, Megan & Tori.
Always a special time/memory to any girl.
I took a couple rehersal photos for Hannah.  This one was one of my favorites~ Bill & Julie, her parents.
They had fun props to take pictures with at their outdoor wedding.  It was fun to mess around with!
I put this picture on facebook and one of the comments was "RJ looks like the Grandpa in the family photo with the way he's sitting and his hand placement".  I thought that was hillarious-- it does kinda look that way! :)
Family (and our adopted family)
Next wedding was my cousin Courtney marrying Ben.  They had an awesome wedding and everything was sooo lighthearted and fun!  Courtney asked me to be a candid photographer for her.  So, I went to set up, rehersal, all day wedding day & reception. By the end I had taken 957 photos, the camera died & I didn't get any pictures of the dance.  I enjoyed this a lot.  When I was in high school I actually did my career paper on being a photographer.  I interviewed people in the business and thought it was awesome... the downfall- the hours of the job to be a full time photographer.  So instead, I do it for fun & enjoy taking pictures every chance I get.  Here are some of my favorites:  (thanks to my sister Rachel I got to use her awesome camera) giving bride away...
I was pretty impressed w/ myself on this one.  It's Linae getting her hair curled.
Always need a sister to help you out
My attempt at being creative:  high heels for ceremony, boots for reception, garter,  & rings.
The bridesmaids were to wear the high heels during the ceremony and boots for the reception.  When Leah put her heels on she TOWERED over me!
Gorgeous dresses & flowers-- loved everything about this wedding!
 Wedding Party
The backgrounds not the greatest but thought this was fun!
 Ben's siblings.
 It was a light rain the day they got married.  It was very spotty too.  They chanced the outdoor pictures and turned out way cute w/ the umbrellas :)
I told Courtney she'd be the next bride on Pinterest with this photo :)
 This is my favorite picture of the day.  I am realizing that I really want a nice camera like this now to take awesome pictures with :)  Beautiful flowers w/ a beautiful bride in the background.  She almost looks like she's from those old movies where people carried around umbrellas to and from the saloon.  (or maybe that's only in my mind:) )
 Kurt & Emily were the host/hostess at the reception.  They did a fantastic job!! It was a very funny & enjoyable evening!
 I love my dad :)
Twins.  They showed up to the wedding in identical matching ties~ how cute :)
 Cousins :)
Wish I could've shared the 957 photos but uploading this many to the blog was a challenge in itself :)  Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

CO Family Va-k

A week or so ago we spent a week in Colorado.  It was a wonderful, fun, and relaxing vacation! Here are some highlights.
The beautiful view.
The beautiful horses on the ranch.
Lovin' on the horses
 Way cute family pic :)
 Karl & I
View from one of the top of the trails
Sage brush in the field
Unfortunately, pictures don't do justice.
View from the top of a mountain
 Cows roam all over the ranch... had to wait for them to move a couple times :)
Watching the storm roll around the mountains and then dump on us every day around 4-5.
Lookin at the birds?  Nope.  Lookin at the mountains? Nope.  Lookin at the storm? Yup!! We had just gotten back from a ride and watched the storm roll around the mountains.  We all got out our camera's to take pictures and Steve says "whoever is the 1st person to get a picture of lightning gets $20".  and the race is on........
Now, I sure don't mean to toot my own horn.... but.... "TOOT TOOT -- TOOT TOOT!!!!" Yes, I just happen to be the first person to capture lighting on my camera!!  I was rather proud of myself and $20 richer ;)
These trees are the very top of the tree line on the mountain.  The trail didn't go any higher but it was only the mountain top past these trees!
Lots of riding on this trip- it was SOOOOO fun.  When we were driving to CO and we began to see the mountains I got the urge and I couldn't hardly wait to know what it felt like to ride through the mountains :)
Some of the trails were nice and easy to ride on

The higher you climbed, the rockier the trails got.
Awww how cute, we matched!
Natural springs
Beautiful!!! Oh, I know, you were thinking yes I agree, they are a beautiful couple ~ I was talking about the view ;)  hahahaa
Thanks for the pic Em!
We'd ride around for a while and stop for potty breaks, snacks, and let the kids run around (yes, on top of the mountain :) ).  We packed sandwiches and snacks in the coolers every morning and took it with us.  So fun to stop along the way!
Mark, the ranch manager & family friend taught us how to rope at his house one night.  It was hard to catch onto at first!
Emily Van Ropem' (nickname given to her by Mark) and myself showing off our ropin' skills.
The boys turn to try.... try and be as good as their wives ;)
We had just the right amount of "hanging out" time.  It was very relaxing to spend "down time" with eachother.
One day the women took a trip to Steamboat Springs to shop and eat lunch.  When we got back we went on a 2 mile walk through part of the ranch.   This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip ~ chit chatting w/ sisters!
We were very well fed throughout the whole week.  I think I gained 6 lbs.
Rook game!
Oh yes, Mr. Beaver...and Mr. Muskrat?! I'm not sure whoever invented stuffing animals that were once alive and then died, and then making them look alive again.  They don't do that with people and I'm not really sure why they do it with animals....  yucky.
Cutie pie Adalli.

Lots of rook, card games and settlers of catan got played :)
Roping by a bean field?! Just doesn't look right.  We all stopped in a town in Wyoming on the way home and bought used ropes.  I guess the tile outlet in the yard was the thing that looked closest to a bale of hay w/ a cow head?! :)

What a FUN trip we had.  Always fun to hang out with people you love and enjoy spending time with.  It was a great vacation and I would love to go back and ride again!