Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Firsts

For the first time, we have a red barn! I was pretty nervous about it but Karl really wanted it to be red.  What also made me nervous was Karl on an unstable ladder, propted up by the skidloader.  I stood on the ground for moral support :)  Thanks Aunt Julie for letting us borrow your paint sprayer....again!
The roof will get white steel on it later this fall/winter.  The top door got a new coat of white paint so that pops better now too (not shown in pic).

Johnathon hung out with us for a couple hours on a Saturday.  I'm not sure what the boys were doing on the lawnmower....but they weren't mowing!! :)
 I took part of a day off work so I could be with Karl when he combined our beans at home.  Not only do I love being in the combine but it was a fantastic break in the middle of the week!
 We got to the flat rows and I learned how to drive!  My dad agreed with me that it's a good thing I learned on a green machine incase I wrecked...... so, watch our dad-- I'm coming to drive the new yellow one!! :)
IH & Dekalb shirts = REPRESENT :)
Our newest newphew! Dryson David was born on September 19.
 We are outnumbered guys to girls (6-4) on my family's side.  Better start poppin' out some girls Rach!!
Uncle Karl
Proud Big Brother Rowan.  Rowan gives Dryson kisses, which is precious... but has also very quickly learned the word "MINE" :) 
Precious baby.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


DIY: Do It Yourself.  There are a lot of things in life you have to do yourself and/or ask for help with.  It can be day to day tasks or even fun things!  Here are a few things we've been doing the past few weeks .... DIY projects.
Our house was a project in itself and so we never got around to cleaning out the sheds/ corn crib.  So, we took a few nights the past couple weeks and cleaned it out.  The shed wasn't so bad as we had moved some, but the corn crib "walls" were filled with junk just like there was in the house.
Hey Rach & Leah- here's your grand piano you've always hoped for.  :)
We tore off the "lean to" because it was half decrepid and falling off.  Thought it would look nicer to have it torn off.
Thankfully, I didn't have to DIY this project.... this was my handsome helper :)
All boarded up & painted.
This doesn't have anything to do w/ DIY...just my cute dog :)
Now this, is the definition of DIY.  My co-workers and I got the opportunity to go test new equipment models @ Vermeer.  It was a walk behind trencher & a stump cutter.  They are equipment that we quote, order & sell everyday, but it was so nice to go run one and see what it is you're actually dealing with!  P.S. aren't our safety glasses and moon boot temporary steel toed shoes awesome?! :)
DIY: Puzzles!
DIY: Holding the bottle yourself
DIY: Spraying yourself with water?  I tried to teach Rowan how to spray water into his mouth from the waterbottle.... he learned how to spray it, just didn't quite always get it to his mouth...
Good job buddy.  Sorry we got your clothes all wet :(
DIY: putting your shoes on.....or ask Uncle Karl to help
DIY aka Pinterest projects!  Last weekend the boys went to a wedding so us girls took a shopping trip and spent over 2 hrs @ Hobby Lobby looking for supplies for our DIY night for household "pretties".  The above is my new fall table centerpiece.  The wood tea light holder is compliments of Courtney's wedding leftovers... threw some tea lights left from my wedding & put burlap underneath.  I think it looks fallish :)
This is what the living room looked like that night.  Wood, corn leaves, burlap, jewd, scrap book paper, modge podge, cricket, paint & more!
My "Laundy" sign.... yup, you guessed it, for the laundry room! :)  I love it and am really happy with the way it turned out!
Corn Leaf Wreath.  I love this one! Definately a beautiful sign of fall. 
My flowers did great this year and I was pretty impressed that I kept them alive all summer.  I took those out and put in some fall mums....we'll see how long I can keep these alive! :)
Youth Group kickoff was this week.  Lessons from church and youth group always remind us that we can't go through life "DIY" but we need His help to make it through.
After.   -- we painted 2 of our barns today- we think they look nice!
I think if I "DIY'd" this project we would've ended up in the ER so I'm thankful for Karl.  He is cutting up all the metal we find in the yard, corn crib, and barns.
We had my 5 year class reunion tonight.  We should've taken the picture earlier in the night before some people left but we had 13 classmates there and some spouses.  It was a fun night of catching up.  Glad to be out of the high school stage but fun to think back and talk with some old friends!