Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Wrap-Up

Fall seems like it's here & gone, although in my mind fall isn't over until Thanksgiving. Hoping the weather stays nice and cool for a while before turning frigidly cold :) 
Uncle Karl's hat is a little big on me!
I thought it was a little ironic that Karl & Kurt sang "I want to be just like you" at Dryson's baptism that morning... and then I got this picture.  Obviously Rowan & Dryson want to be like their own daddy but thought this was still cute!!

Our only trick-or-treaters!
He's getting the hang of this filling a sack with candy thing!
Cutest lil' pumpkin!
Can you tell what this says?!  I made a peanut butter cup cheesecake and thought all along how great it would be to spell out "Happy 2 Year Anniversary" in PB cups... well, that was a great and fine idea until I realized how small the cheesecake was and how large my words were :)  so, I came up with this.... "Hap 2 Yr".... it took Karl a couple tries to guess but he finally got it :)  It's not about presentation but about the taste, right?!
Speaking of taste.... Norma's cake-- enough said!! Any excuse to order one is worth it! :)  Happy 2nd Anniversary, Karl- Love you :)
 We had a halloween treat party at work (aka something exciting to brighten up the day and take a 15 min break to talk to everyone).   We were all supposed to bring in spooky, creepy treats.  I made these eyeballs!   They had butterfinger type filling in them-- yummy!  Other brought in snack mix & called it "gobblins chow" etc.  It was a fun & filling morning! :)
 The winner!  One girl brought in these human fingers.  Isn't that disgusting?! She did a great job and clearly won! :)
This past Sunday we got together for Gramps' birthday.  The above 4 people are not related at any way.....  JUST KIDDING!!  Makes me laugh how similar all my dad's family looks!  Left to right:  Dad, Aunt Maureen, Gramps, & Uncle Mark.  Lookin' good, Dad... you're the only one left with some dark hair :)

Jenny- here's my input for you.  I'm so glad we were able to explain to you the difference between a cow & a bull this past week.  I'm also glad you learned how to ask a farmer what type of farm he has..."livestock or row crop".  Maybe at Thanksgiving/Christmas we can teach you the difference between a boar & a sow :)  ....and I also hope you're laughing out loud (which wouldn't be hard for you) right now :)
 Lastly, Happy 82nd Birthday Gramps!  You may walk a little slower, and repeat yourself sometimes, but you're still doing pretty good for an old guy :)  To that comment, if I could hear my grandpa right now he would say "I wish I'd be around when you get old to make fun of you!" :)  Love ya!   If you are a part of my family and know Gramps, you'll find the following phrases very funny.  Some of his best sayings: "Darned if I know" "If ya stop movin, call Duven", "Kick the bucket", "Porchamonkeys", "Fire in the mountain, snake in the grass"....and definately last but not least, in complete silence he will randomly yell "HO!" hahahaha LOL.  I'm crying from laughing so hard right now.  Sometimes I wonder if I got my amazing sense of humor from him?! :)

Have a great November! Be thankful!