Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Monday, December 23, 2013


Do you ever feel like you don't know when your next time to relax is going to be?  Do you feel like your to-do list is never ending?  Do you say "if I can just get through ______ then I can relax"?  Yeah? Me too.  So glad I'm not the only one.  For a while it was just getting though October...then November...then just til Christmas.  Here we are.  Christmas time.  ...and I'm finally able to sit down and blog a.k.a. RE-LAX-A-SHUN.  See- I'm so relaxed I don't care that I just spelled relaxation wrong. :)
A couple of my nephews spent the night a few weeks ago.  It was a fun night.  The next day we spent the afternoon having Leah & Karl teach myself & my parents how to use our new smart phones.  We're pretty high tech now.  We snap chat, voice text and check the radar.... we're getting good :)
The drill team performed at a basketball game and we went to watch them.  They got 2nd place at the state competition with this routine!  Looking forward to helping them with their co-ed routine for homecoming & their winter show which is the finale' to their season.
Lucky me!! I got to snuggle our new nephew Jackson the night he was born.  I was super excited when his mama called me that he was born- what a fun surprise!!  He's such a sweetheart.  Unfortunately he had to spend a week in the NICU but he got better and got to go home!
Unfortunately again, 4 days after he got home he had to go back, which is where he is at tonight.  I had made plans with his mommy to go snuggle with him all day tomorrow so I'm really bummed... I'll just have to go hang out with him and his mama in the hospital instead!  There is not a lot that makes me cry but this little sweetheart has had me shedding a few tears the past week.  It's crazy how much 1 sweet little nephew can melt your heart!
We had our annual candy making day at Aunt Julie's house this past Saturday.  We are supposed to give our candy plate away to someone who has impacted your life in the past year, someone your thankful for, or someone you feel needs a special surprise.  I choose to give mine to a girl who I work with a lot on "extra curricular" activities.  She's amazingly organized and always on top of everything.   It's such a blessing to work with her and have her as a friend.  
 We got one of those "snow days" on Sunday.  Probably 8 inches of snow fell and made it so that we will have a white Christmas.  Kurt let us use his awesome sled for a ride.  We only tipped we were lying in the snow with the machine on top of us Karl then says "you have to lean on the corners"....thanks Karl, that information woulda been a little more helpful BEFORE we were on the ground! :)
It was pretty cold so we were only out for an hour or so.  There wasn't quite enough snow either.  Maybe we'll get a huge storm this winter and go again... I can hope, right?
Well I hope you all are going to RELAX and enjoy Christmas as much as I am.  Time with family is the best.  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

November - Shower, Trip & Events

November has brought so many fun things!
Helping plan Emily's baby shower was super fun and made me VERY anxious for my nephew to get here!!
What's your guess?  I guessed it was a girl!
Gender reveal baby shower... how fun! :)  Blue filled cupcakes!
Boender women!
I realize that Halloween is in October, but my trick'r'treaters didn't come until November.  Sweetest little bumble bee & lion :)
He only looks super sweet- he growled like a lion too! :)
Youth Group has been busy as ever, with our waffle supper fundraiser as one of the most recent things we've done.  It was a great night, good turn out, and raised a lot of money which will help fund our mission trip in June.
One of the girls offered to design t-shirts for the group this year.  The front is shining star, with the back showing Matthew 5:16.
Working hard! ...or hardly working ;)
A few weeks ago I got to go to Charlotte, NC for work.   Went to visit a customer and had a great meeting.  After that, went to the TCI Show which was in downtown Charlotte.  This was the view from my room:
The Nascar hall of fame building is the large building to the right.
Every exhibitor and attendee of the show was invited to a customer reception at the hall of fame one evening.  It was a neat place and we got to tour the whole thing while having hou'rdevrs and visiting with customers.
The inside was a large open area with a circle race track around the edge with race cars and info about all different tracks around it.  I found the Newton Speedway info :)
There was a small area where you could stand to feel what it's like to stand on a 30 degree incline which is the highest incline the cars race was hard to stand on, let alone try to drive a car at high speeds!
The large screen in the center showed Vermeer's brand video a few times throughout the night since they were the primary sponsor for the was pretty impressive!
New career opportunity?! Watch out Danica....
Along with traveling brings interesting food tasting opportunities.  One night we went to a restaurant and I wasn't sure what anything on the menu was (and too scared to venture out) so I went with a pork dish, mac & cheese, and what was supposed to be "greens".... The "greens" is the piece on the right side of the plate that was some type of fatty marbled goo with a dab of applesauce on top.  Needless to say I went and got some chocolate for desert to fill me up afterwards :)
Mahi Mahi - one of the dishes my friend ordered.
I've also been staying busy with helping PC drill team get ready for their state competition.  My friend/former teammate is the coach and it has been super fun to help out & brings back lots of memories!  My senior year we placed 3rd at the state competition - the first time PC placed in school history.  Shortly after state I broke my ankle...hence the large pink cast in photo below :)  Their competition is in less than 2 weeks- can't wait to see how they do! :)
Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Enjoy time with friends & family :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

3rd Anniversary

 Karl & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this past week.  Time flies when you're having fun! :)  It rained this week so we got to go out for supper to celebrate.  A couple weeks ago my sister snapped a few pictures and I edited them so that I'd have some options for a Christmas card this year.  Below is a few of those:
I think we're a pretty darn good pair and we've definitely been wearing off on each other, that's for sure!  Karl has started to become more vocal in a witty and mouthy (good) way.  I've become more patient (trying) than I have ever been.   There is one thing that hasn't changed..... his grin when he's excited, and tries to hide the smile:
Another thing that hasn't changed is whenever we talk about our wedding, one thing that always gets brought up by friends and family is the mention of how funny the best man speech was... 
Do you think we've changed in our looks in 3 years?
Still one of my favorite pictures from the big two favorite guys:
What a wonderful day it was.
Happy 3rd Anniversary Karl! :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lovin' October

I love October for many reasons... pretty color on the trees, harvest time, cool days/nights, breast cancer awareness month, friends' wedding and our anniversary.  
I was on my way to go ride w/ Karl and saw this field of corn stalk bales... I don't think I've ever seen that many in one field at a time, they were never-ending!!  
Always have to make time to "go home" and ride with my dad too.   I remember fitting in the combine with my sisters a lot easier when we were smaller.... now with long legs, it's a little harder to have on sit in the buddy seat and one on the cooler without being a lil' smushed :)
I drove grain cart for dad for a while and had a little helper.  He was supposed to be taking a nap but thought it was more fun to kick me with his feet when I told him to lay on the floor and take a nap :)
Night riding..... dusty!!
Pella hosted their annual "Pella in Pink" walk.  Since this is the first October mom is cancer-free we secretly rounded up friends & family to surprise her the morning of the walk.  It's great to know everyone is still praying for continued caner-free checkups and supporting her.
Yet one more reason why I was anxiously awaiting October.  Joslin got married yesterday to the man of her dreams. The day was beautiful, she was gorgeous, the service was great and the reception a ton of fun!!  I love weddings and everything about them - they just make me happy :)
The get-a-way vehicle :)  The best man did a good job of keeping it a secret and this big dog was parked outside the church when the ceremony was over.  They had panels in the front half so it wasn't cold driving down the road, carpet laid down so no heel spiked fell through the holes, chairs set up & blankets to keep warm.  It was a super fun ride!!  They had a step ladder for getting in and out of the trailer but as you can see it was still a pretty big step to get in...we tried to keep it as classy as possible while in dresses... :)  While driving down the road Joslin said "now we know it feels like to be a pig!"  Um Jos, there are about 160 pigs walking around in sawdust when they are in trailers but yes, you're right, 20 people dressed up in tuxes and dresses sitting on chairs, laughing and having a good time.... yup, we know just how it feels to be a pig :)  Is there a document that records funny things brides say on their wedding day?! I would definitely add that one to the list... :)
  For their first dance we stepped outside to the patio where they lit off their red heart lantern and let it fly into the they danced the guests lit and set off other lanterns and watched them fly into the sky -- it was really neat.  The look on their faces is how happy they looked all day long!!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. - you have a great life together ahead of you :)