Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catching Up

Playing catch up from the past few weeks!  Volleyball is over now, Youth Group will be done next week & between the other random activities, I have found myself to have 2 nights at home this week...craziness!! :)
We went to a sledding party with family & friends a couple weeks ago-- I was decked out in carhartt from head to toe....literally.
 I think it was after this ride that this tube had a hole :)
WIPEOUT!! It's not many times that you can catch your brothers "embarassing" moments on camera, and I just happened to get lucky!! Sorry Brian, but in all honesty, you deserve this...I think we are tied again.
Wouldn't be a family event without multiple people with their camera's out :)  Stacy & Becky were at the bottom of the hill getting good shots of the people hitting the ramp.
Big boys looking on....
 ...and then they got bored and decided to go themselves :)
 My friend, who was in my class & I danced with in high school is now the drill team coach at PC.  She put on a great spring show for her team & future dancers :)  Rachel is in the pic above.  I had one of those "awww" moments when I saw she got to use the white poms.  We got those my senior year before the state competition & if you don't know, poms come completely flat when they are new.  Our team fluffed & puffed & fluffed & puffed those poms as big as they would go.  It was a bitter sweet moment :)
Rowan realized that on my slick floor he could do the splits...probably did it 10x over just for fun :)
 Our large group from seasoned youth night @ church.  This was an activity I had done when I was in youth group and started it in Osky.  They absolutely LOVE it.  It's so fun to see the 2 different generations interact.
 I tried getting a picture of the heavy, straight down snow that came yesterday morning....and then it went away within the same day.  Crazy Iowa.
This makes me laugh every time I open my closet.... can you tell which pair of pants is ready to come out & play for spring? :)
Happy Birthday on the 22nd to my friend Joslin.  She's an awesome friend and wish we were closer to spend more time together.  She's one of those friends that you randomly text/call/hang out with and even if you haven't talked for 2 months, you pick up like you were never apart.  Love that.
In spirit of her birthday I found some really nice pictures.... well, actually their just ones that make me laugh.  Above, we were cleaning out our apartment to go home for the summer & the checklist said to clean behind the washer/dryer.... well, what we found back there DEFINITELY wasn't ours and we weren't quite sure how many years it had been back there....  her face still makes me laugh when I look at this.

You what? You're crazy? Huh? Whatever....  Sometimes Jos's face could say a million words w/o her speaking :)

Despite our differences (pic above) she's one of my best friends and one of the sweetest people you can meet.
 On my wedding day, as my personal attendant, she was by my side all day, made sure my dress didn't get dirty outside, hooked every last button on my dress w/ a crochet hook.....
 ...put my garters on, and was amazing help and great company the whole day of my wedding.
I can't wait to return the favor to her this fall.  I know she'll look great in white :)  After all, only the cool people get married the end of October.. I guess that means we're just awesome in 1 more way :)