Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week in Review

Week in review:
I made this wreath to hang on the door for spring/summer.
 Last few weeks I've had an itch (thinking it was a once every five year) to put together a puzzle.  It was a great project for a rainy week!
 I'm not sure how much rain we ended up with, but I took this pic one morning before I left for work.  Don't see those totals (or more) very often!
 Friends & I hosted a baby shower for Megan.  Both Karissa & Megan will be having kiddos soon enough!
Emily's creativity!!
Right after we get done making meals for cooking group we immediately put together the recipes for the next time and create the master grocery list so that the grocery-getter can watch for sales over the next 6-8 weeks.  It takes some time to gather the recipes, combine the ingredients and make a giant list :)  We've upgraded our binder-- it's getting too full of recipes :)
I watched a couple nephews on Saturday morning.  We stopped and got cookie monster at the bakery but before we made it to the van he was a little smashed- oh well :)
 New pad of cement!  Thankful for at least one dry day this week! ...and here's the story of how the cement came about:  In the shop, Karl says that he needs to pour cement to build the stairs on.  One intelligent brother says "don't pour cement- that's expensive!"... the next intelligent brother says "just hire it done"....the next intelligent brother says "just wait a while to do it, that way, by the time you get around to it, she'll be thankful for anything".  ...finally, the intelligent father says "just do it the right way first- the way she wants it done".  Thank you to the REAL intelligent person-- Steve, you've always got my back :)
 Girls night out!! Yummy food & drinks!  Happy Birthday Becky! (we didn't make her ride the saddle)
 Can we get some more of these test tube thingies?! :)
 Sister-in-law night out.  Great company & conversation :)  Thankful for sisters who are friends!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Fever

Spring Fever has definately hit me! ...about 3 weeks ago.  One of my friends was having a garage sale, so I invited myself to join it :)  (that's what you can do w/ close friends, right?!)  I spent a couple nights cleaning out the upstairs.  Upstairs is basically the store-all for me.  It was awesome to go through, sort, clean, pitch out & make a garage sale pile.  It's so clean up there now! :)  I was happy with the money I made and already have plans for how to use it (aka, another spring project).  

Spring isn't the funnest time to be making daily trips to Des Moines, but then again, when is a fun time?  Entering this building is not a fun place to go but gives you lots to be thankful for-health, doctors, technology etc.
 Last fall I asked Karl to build me stairs...then the hogshed happened.  I patiently put my project on the backburner and waited for this spring.  Unfortunately for Karl, my patience has run out now :)  This rainy weather has been to my advantage because he had time to work on preparing an area for cement.  He's going to build the stairs up on the cement.  I came home from work and had to stop right in the driveway and get a pic....I was extremely excited to say at the least to see progress!
 Does this snack mix say spring or what?!  It's called Bunny Bait and is YUMMY!!!!! The Easter M&M's and pastel sprinkles help liven it up.
Spring project #1 complete.  It was a rather simple one...dumping and spreading mulch.  There is this gap between the cement and the basement and I had thought about putting flowers there, which would look nice, but if we fix the basement wall which would require tearing out the cement, I thought mulch would be a cheap quick fix...and it looks much nicer than the dirt/leaves/muck that is below it :)
 Won't the stairs look awesome!? I can't wait.  I'm also in the midst of talking w/ landscaping people making a plan for both sides of the stairs for flowers/shrubs - my mother-in-law will be rather excited to see some color around my house :)  Any suggestions for low-maintenance flowers on the North side of a house?
Here's another sign of spring fever:  You know you work in the city and live in the country when you can't wait for 5 o'clock so you can go home and rake rocks out of your grass!!  Last week I spent 4 nights raking the rocks out of the grass from the snow removal process.  It feels so good to be outside working when you're stuck inside all day!

Looks like the boys are ready for spring too!
Yesterday when we were working on the yard we finally got this stinkin' rock out of the grass.  I tried and tried last year but it was jut too big.... after Karl got it out w/ the skidloader, I now know why I couldn't get anywhere with it!  It's huge!
 Yesterday afternoon Karl helped me with the yard.  We filled in dirt wherever there was divots (and yes, I remember from mowing) and then reseeded the areas.  We had a lot of dead areas last year (like everyone) but I'm hoping this year that I have a big full yard of green grass with no major divots so that mowing is simple :)  We got dirt from our ditches to fill in, so it was kinda lumpy.  Cassia let us borrow her awesome new tractor and we rototilled the huge chunks and then raked it out evenly. THANK YOU!!!
 Seeding the yard.
 Kipper loves spring too :)  ....or the fresh topsoil.
 My yard may look like a blotchy war zone of dirt right now but I'm THRILLED that it's done and now praying that it grows nicely.
I was picking up sticks and other junk in the yard so thought I'd test out my photography skills.  I guess it shouldn't amaze me anymore what I find but the random chunks of metal, glass, bricks, and nails just seem to never end.  
I'm hoping that by the end of the summer I will be able to take an "after" picture of the house/yard.  I still have the picture that we took from across the road the first time Karl drove me over here on a four-wheeler and said ..."what do you think?".  :)  That's going to be a "before & after" pic  that I may never be able to top.

Happy Spring!