Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring in full swing!

Well, it's been one of those weeks.  I'll start by talking about Karl because I missed him this week... I know, "aww, how cute".  whatever.  It was a long dry week and that kept all the boys going strong.  Karl claimed he came home at night although I never knew it. I didn't see/hear him come home or leave in the morning...the only way I knew he was home was because the A/C was cranked and I woke up shivering. :) He said "well, if I'm only gunna get 4 hrs of sleep, I'm gunna get a good 4 hrs in the cold." I didn't see him until Saturday night around a full 7 days.   He ran the sprayer all week which means if you call, you have about 2 minutes to say what you need to say or you'll get a "i gotta go" :)  the sprayer also doesn't have a buddy seat so you can't ride along :(  Saturday night he planted for a while so I got to go ride and that's where these pics came from:  
 Treating seed beans
Filling the planter

It is weeks like this that I give my sister in laws props for having lots of kiddos and doing it by themselves - wahoo for you girls!!!!  I managed to keep myself busy and here's a few pics random pics from the past couple weeks:
When we harrowed the yard we couldn't find a hitch pin to hook it onto the four-wheeler... I guess when you need to get creative you can make anything work.  Yes, that is a screw driver :)
 Yay! Starting to plan out my landscape.  I walked out there with my tape measure and garden hose, thinking I'd lay that out to make sure I liked the curve etc.  ...Karl walks out with a metal post, piece of string & spray paint.  Clearly, his plan worked a lot better than mine :)
 First side bricks done
 As of May 3rd, the doctor confirmed my mom is cancer free.  What great news that was to hear after 4-5 really sucky months.  We surprised her at her first week back to work by making cookies for her to share w/ her co-workers that were great while she was doing treatments.

Our corn came up last Sunday or Monday... it's grown a lot in this long dry week.
 New flowers for my pot this year.
 Every day on my way to work I read all the signs along the road about stopping the airport, and couldn't agree with them more.  Not only do I think eminent domain is disgusting, but the airport locations directly affect family members which makes it even more sensitive.  This sign is my favorite-- they painted their barn to make a statement.
 These crazy mushrooms decided to protrude through where my new grass is going in the backyard.
 I took a day of vacation this week and my mom helped me plant all the flowers & mulch.  I LOVE the way it looks and can't wait for it to grow & look more full.  The grass in front is slowly but surely growing....hope it doesn't end up dead like it all did last year.
 My dad always has a buddy seat open for me :)  I love going home and riding w/ him....and riding in RED :)
 Today was the send off ceremony for my gramps who is going on the Honor Flight to Washington D.C.  This is a very neat trip and they get to go see all the memorials and be honored.  There is 142 of them going on Tuesday.  He served in the Korean war.
 The bagpipe player was awesome.  I  could listen to him all day.  The vets loaded busses at the Iowa Speedway and were lead into town by the Patriot Guard on their harley's and any other people who wanted to ride harleys.  They drove down first avenue like true heros.  We sat alongside the road videotaping, taking pictures and waving at all of them.  I have never seen a bigger smile on my Grandpa's face when he saw us alongside the road :)
 Patriot Guard-- flag for each of the branches.  I said to Karl.."red one is the marines, right?"  Aren't you proud Mike? :)
 Led into the gym by a sergeant.

 I told Leah that my kids are going to learn to play the bagpipe...that's a shoe-in for solo's at the band concerts :) :)  I think my favorite parts of the ceremony were the vets getting the recognition they never got back then & when the bagpipe played amazing grace in honor of the fallen.
Pledge of Allegiance.  Have fun gramps!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tulip Time Week

 Two weeks ago I took a one day trip with a co-worker to Chicago to visit a customer.  This was the first time I had been to this corporate office.
One morning I was getting ready for work, Karl came back in from doing chores to grab something and I looked out the window and said "the dog is in your truck!"  Karl responded "yeah, he's been doing that ever since I took him to the vet" :)  Apparently Kipper likes riding in the cab!  
A few weeks ago at a baby shower, Aunt Julie was teasing us that "all you van wyk girls dress alike".  As a joke, we all wore our colored capris to family dinner last week and bought her a pair as well so she can "officially" dress like us :)  
Last week was Karl's 24th birthday.  I took the afternoon off of work to spend the day w/ him.  It worked out very well- we got to cultivate our field and then on Saturday plant it-- it was an awesome weekend!!  On Friday night all the boys had to quit to go to their kiddos school program so we met up w/ everyone at Taso's to celebrate Kurt & Karl's birthday.  I asked if he ever remembered going out to eat with his family on his birthday (with it being the middle of spring) he responded "BJ brought me KFC to the field once when I was in high school" :)  That's reason to cherish the times you do get, right?
First time planting around the hog shed.
Brought supper to Karl one night... although the first 3-4 days of week blurred together while the boys got very little sleep each "morning" they got a lot done before it rained....and...
 Snowed!  I guess snow in May didn't shock me living in Iowa, but apparently it was a record breaking event.  That morning, the gravel roads were possibly the slickest they were all winter.
 Despite the rain on Thursday & Friday there were festivities on Saturday.  We went in the rain only for a funnel cake and to watch Rowan (Matt) drive the trencher in the parade.
 Good thing I had a warm teddy bear to keep me warm! :)