Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lips & Mustaches

I'm not sure where summer has gone but it's flying by.  Last weekend Karl & I gave shots to all of our new baby pigs.  We didn't have time in the day sort the rest of guilts and barrows into seperate pens (brothers helped do half the shed when they came in) so we enlisted the help of willing niece & newphews!  I didn't have to take off work so I was very thankful for them :)  When I asked Karl how it went he said "I actually think they can sort them faster than I can b/c they are closer to the pigs (shorter) and can see their back-ends better!" :)   It took 3-4 hours, 2 gate lockers dropped in the pit, and 1 patient uncle but they got it done!  Big thanks to their moms for letting us borrow them during a busy fair week, and grandma for lunch & showers afterwards.
 (left to right) Ethan, Gideon, Rachel, Cody, Jonathon
 A few weeks ago Leah came to play piano for our praise team at church and spent the night since we had to be there early to practice.  Karl is used to sharing the bathroom with me while getting ready but with another girl in the house he had no hopes of using the bathroom before we left for church.... I guess you gotta do what you gotta do!  The sad part, we all know this isn't something unusual for boys, but I thought it was funny looking in church clothes, hence the picture :)
 Steve, Karl & I went watch Mark, Ethan & Elijah (brother & nephews) race motocross at a county fair down south.  I love watching motocross when you're cheering for people you know!
 Elijah did great for his first time!! He looked so little compared to the others but did good! Came out of the gate good, made his way around the wrecks, and got a trophy!  His mother was a little nervous for him (understandably) but what a fun way to spend family time!!  (check out Stacy's blog for better pics)
 Rowan & Dryson spent the night Friday while Matt & Rach went up to Okoboji.
Photo: WE DID IT!!! Boys completed their first triathlon and girls completed our first half marathon!
(left to right) Beth, Mark, Matt, Rachel.  Matt & his brother Mark started training this spring for a triathlon.  Rachel found out that there was a half-marathon option so she and her mother in law started training for that.  They all finished and can say they've done it.  Matt & Mark will be doing the Hy-Vee triathlon this for Rachel, she's going to stick w/ her 5k's...much more time & body manageable for a mommy of two.
Who doesn't love to see a wet deck?! It's finally rained Sunday afternoon.  We didn't get much but we are thankful for anything!!
Karl took this picture from the top of the feed bins at the hogshed....watching the storm come in.  Unfortunately we didn't get any rain out of the storm but it was a pretty cool picture.
 Saturday night Kelsey & I hosted a couple's shower/house warming party for Joslin.  It was a great night with lots of friends and sooooo fun!!  Random side note: Kelsey & I were traveling up to Joslin's house and we were just chatting away about life and everything that goes with it.... when at the same time we see this big pile of dirt on the edge of a field, as we get closer we realize it's not a pond, not a house, but rather a big ol' hole that a cement pit has begun being poured.  We said in union- "oh! that's gunna be a hogshed, wonder whose it is?!" After we realized what we had said we laughed at the thought of how funny we sounded - 2 girls, at the ripe ol' age of 24, talking about a new hogshed!  wow!  No worries though, we knew that by the time Wes & Karl came later that night, we would probably know who it belonged too ;)
Lips & Mustaches was the theme.  We are so happy for Joslin.  She truly found the man of her dreams and he's so perfect for her!  Karl & I talked the whole way home about how fun the party was and how we couldn't be happier for them!  The things we (Jos/Tom, Karl/I) have in common : 
  • Completely gutted an old house and redid it... it looks AMAZING 
  • Raise hogs (close to their house as well ;) ) 
  • Getting married the end of October 
  • One person of the couple is a twin
  • Girls = Blonde hair-blue eyes
  • Boys = Super cute smiles
  • Farm boys/Girls
  • Being awesome in general....oh wait, did I say that outloud?! :)
Love this guy :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

June Happenings

Why is it that the nice weather months always seem to go so fast?  Here are some of my fun things from June:
Had 2 of our nephews stay while their mommy & daddy celebrated their anniversary.  Uncle Karl had to work the whole night so we went to go watch him.  Rowan learned the farmer wave (unintentionally)
Go get some more!! This is fun!
Whoop- just kidding, let's run!! the tractor is big & coming close fast!
And since Uncle Karl worked all night he needed a nap on Sunday...Dryson likes chilling w/ him.
Speaking of neices & nephews.... we are BEYOND excited to have another one on the way!!! I'm not sure whether I should introduce myself to the baby as "Auntie Kristin", "your mommy is my best friend", "my second cousin", "my cousin's baby", or "my husbands twin brothers baby" i'll probably just stick with "Auntie Kristin" and I'm pretty darn excited about it :)  :) congrats to two of my favorite people!!!!
 Good job Rach!! You improved since last year and when you're focused, you do great! :)
 Cooking Group!
 Pedicures, supper & orange leaf with friends.... does summer get better?!
 Hydrangeas blooming-- yay for me, I didn't kill my plants!!
 Stairs are almost done! He made a trap door on the other side so that we can store things under the stairs.  Can't wait to stain them!
What would summer be with out crazy nail & toe polish colors?! :)

Selling pigs for the first time!!

Cute lil niece helping out at 11 o'clock at night-- thanks for coming w/ your dad Rach!
 Most of June has been selling and sorting pigs.  When it's hot out the truck driver hooks up to the hose and waters the pigs down before they leave.
 This is how pretty & clean the semi's look before the pigs go in to be taken away.
The sign doesn't make it any more official, but we're pretty excited for us :)
I like the corn standing tall -- makes the view from my deck look nice :)

June 30th, 2013: Our very tall corn :)