Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Thursday, August 15, 2013

House Transformation

Before & After photos of our home :)  Karl proposed here on April 26, 2010.  After many discussions & people calling us crazy we started working on the house/cleaning out the junk on Memorial Day with the help of friends & family.  All summer Karl & family transformed the whole yard & house.  I will never forget, it was one day in August and my dad came home from working on the house w/ Karl.  He was rather frustrated because they didn't get as much done that day as planned.  He said "there's no way it will be ready in time".  I went up to my room and cried.  The whole next week, everything went 10x better than planned and a week later he said "ha, it might just be livable in time". To this day Karl admits that there is no way it would've been livable without my dad's help!!! Amazingly, it was ready to live in by our wedding.  That was the craziest 6 months ever-- redoing a house and planning a wedding. We moved in right after our wedding on October 30, 2010.  That night we opened gifts and we had to hang a garbage sack from the top of the bathroom door opening because we didn't have interior doors yet :)  Lots of interior work happened that first winter.  The past couple summers we've done the roof, siding, barns, landscape and yard.   On our to-do list yet is a very small firepit, the upstairs, and potentially a garage someday.  Thanks soooooooooo much (more than we can ever repay) to family & friends for helping us making this come true.   It's so fun for us to look at these old pictures!!  Enjoy :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Va-k

Boender Family Vacation.  We went to the Upper Peninsula of MI and stayed in a large cabin right along the Rapid River.  We could drive our rangers straight from the lodge to all the trails.  We had great weather (upper 60's) and had to wear sweatshirts most of the time (my favorite!!)  We had lots of fun relaxing, riding, laughing, talking, playing games and enjoying time away from responsibilities at home.  Here are a few of the pics I took while we were there:
 When traveling with lots of little kids it works out well to stay at a hotel half way there and half way home.  We had some extra time on the way up so we played at a play ground and visit a small zoo.
 Standing long jump - Karl made it 9 ft.
 Our cabin was awesome.  5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, washer/dryer, huge kitchen and living area.  Everyone had their own space to relax, play games, run & play.
 Adalli looking sweet as ever, playing games by herself.
 Between Settlers & Rook, the adults stay entertained for hours.  Oh wait, we added a new one this year, Taboo.  My father in law is the BEST at this game-- not really.  No offense.  If you don't know, its a game where you have to describe a word to your team, without saying that word or a list of 4 words that could describe it best.  To say at the least, you have to get creative with your words.  I won't forget that game night in quite some time!! :)  great memories.
 Along our trails we found wild blueberries. Everyone loved them and thought they were great! (and no, I did not try one :) )
 Riding on the trails.
 Playing in the Rapid River and searching for crawdads.
 Stacy is such a trooper, she was in the water searching for crawdads just like the kiddos.  All my sister in laws knowledge of bugs, reptiles, insects and natural products are so far above my head I can only hope that someday I'll know half the interesting things they do!
 Braving the cold water.
 The boys took their own version of the polar bear plunge and braced the cold water together.
 Each morning we'd have a big breakfast, pack sack lunches & a yummy supper.  Definitely never went hungry!!
 Mark & Karl hanging out in Lake Superior.
 One day it was a little rainy so we drove an hour north to visit the pictured rocks at Lake Superior.  Above, all the kiddos w/ gpa & gma.
 What a natural.....the waterfall of course.  Just kidding :)
 Burying nephews in the sand.
 Hiking to see a waterfall!
 All week the four of us joked about how we were going to buy a 4-seater for va-k next year.  We'd check out every dealership as we went by and found this one sitting outside-- couldn't pass up a photo op.  Our biggest hang up-- trying to decide where Kurt & Em's baby is going to fit in?!?!
 Emily did great as our map trail planner.
 Frying crawdads that were caught in the river.
 The cabin
 Love him!
The whole crew!  It truly is a blessing to marry into a family that you love to spend time with.