Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wrapping up 2014

Oh my blog.  I feel bad for it sometimes.  I haven't posted in over 2 months apparently.  That's because I blog when I have "spare time".  Apparently I've had none of that the past 2 months?  Not even once?  I probably have, but then think of something else to add to my to-do list and get preoccupied with that instead.  Pathetically, I have very few pictures of the past 2 months, so it makes me think, what on earth have I been doing?  For the most part, I've been waiting for winter.  Because winter (hopefully) means that my projects get done.  Wow.  I'm selfish and should probably work on that.... You see, I saw on my app the other day that our baby is due in 105 days.  To me, that sounds like 3 very short months with lots of things to do.  Karl's response when I told him "that's a 1/3 of  year.."  It's a good thing we balance each other out.
 1 thing I did document with a picture was going out with my sister in laws, mother in law and 2 nieces for my MIL's 60th birthday celebration.  We attended the Pella Tour of Homes and then went out for supper.  It was a very good night.  Everyone needs girl time.
 See those flowers?  I got those this week.  Karl literally drove to Pella, just to pick up and hand deliver me flowers at work for my Christmas present.  This is the 2nd time he's ever given me flowers.  Things like this you remember for a long time :)
 Dexter seems to think that he owns a spot in the garage....much to his dismay, he does not.  I might give in this week when it's supposed to be super cold because Kipper won't share the doghouse with him, but I don't want him to get to comfy and used to it.  He apparently thinks he's going to drive the ranger too, but that certainly will not happen...
 Catching up on posting garage pics...
 Tearing out the cement between house and garage so that we could get our basement walls fixed as well.
 Muddy mess...
 I took this pic from the upstairs.  The garage has siding on it and we can park in it :)
 We spent Christmas Eve day insulating & wiring the garage.  I wired and Karl insulated... jk, it was the other way around :)  I think Karl likes it when I work with him.  We discussed how 2 years ago we were working on Christmas Eve day getting our hogshed ready for an open house before we got our first round of pigs in.  One project gets done and we go on to the next.  After the garage gets finished, we will start working on the upstairs of our house.  Adding walls (constructing, mudding, taping) to make more rooms, finishing electrical, trim, window extensions, paint & carpet.  One of the 3 rooms will be the there is sort of a deadline :)
 He's so handy.
 Putting together a breaker box.
Our baby is growing! 25 weeks this week.  I love taking a weekly picture to see progress.  I've had it many times where after the picture I tell Karl "oh I look like _______ this week".  And then I remind myself I'm glad I'm not an insecure person - I'm guessing some people could really beat themselves up taking pics like this.  For instance, my curly hair is about is big as my belly, and my stance is so far apart I look like I could bend over, put one hand on the ground and be ready to tackle a like a linebacker.  And then I laugh and think oh well!  I actually went to church right after this on Christmas morning and one of my friends and her mom said "Oh look at you, looking all cute & pregnant".  Funny how perceptions can be :)

I've been thinking about whether to continue blogging or not once the baby comes.  I'm considering doing more of a journal type thing for this next phase in life - you know, old school, like in a notebook.  Where I put all of my thoughts down, not just the ones that I think other people might think are worth reading on a blog.  TBD.  I really like pictures though that go with thoughts and looking back at both.  So with that, I'll say....until next time! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Garage & Harvest

Fall seems like the busiest time of year....but so does every other season :)
 We love going to watch PC football.  It's fun to support Coach (brother) Mike and the youth group kids that play as well as just having fun watching a game!
 I rode with Karl to Burlington one Saturday, I don't think I had been there before.

 Due to the almost 5 inches of rain we got a 2 weeks ago there is still some wet spots...
 It's always fun to go home and hang out there during harvest too :)
 Since the storm last spring took out all of our outbuildings, we are putting up a garage this fall.  I'm super excited!!
The floor is supposed to get poured tomorrow and then the building portion can begin!  Did I mention I was excited? :)

We're having a baby!!

We're having a baby!!! Couldn't be more excited :)
 It was fun to tell family....they were pretty excited :)

Brought frosted cookies to work...
 We haven't done much yet as far as getting ready.  The nursery will get made this winter sometime when Karl has time to make the upstairs into rooms.  We've just been enjoying the excitement and praying that all goes well.
I took the day off work the other day and rode with Karl for a long time.  One of the times I had him stop to let me go to the bathroom he reached over, patted my stomach and said "it's getting bigger" with a big ol' grin on his face - so I thought we better document that day - in the middle of a bean field :)  That's how memories are made, right? The little things? :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beginning of Fall

Time flies- especially when you're having fun!! We've had a few fun weekends lately.  One weekend we went up to Minneapolis with some friends.  The boys went to Hay Days (motor sports event) and us girls went shopping.  We found this awesome outlet mall and put it in the took us here...
 Obviously we weren't the only ones who had done this because it took us to a rural neighborhood where this sign was posted on a telephone pole.  It had the directions of the actual outlet mall and it was awesome....once we finally got there :)
 We ate at a fun restaurant in the Mall of America.  They put hats on most of their guests.  Since we had 2 little kids with us they put the hats on the babies- poor Brielle :)
 Harvest has begun!!  I took an afternoon off to ride w/ Karl while they harvested at our house.  Nothing better than spending the day in  the combine! :)
 The boys crack me up.  They all have their headsets to take phone calls, 2-ways in the equipment to talk to each other and their cell phones to look things up when needed...or when they need to snap chat their wives to show what they are up to :)
 Kurt & Karl #twinning.

Dryson turned 2 last weekend.  We had rehersal supper for my brother's wedding so he got his own special cupcake :)
 Leah & I
 Karl was an usher and I was a bridesmaid.
 Karl took a few snapshots for me.  This was after the wedding on the way to the reception.
 So in love.  First dance.
 Rachel & I.
 The wedding went great and it was a wonderful weekend.

...for those of you who ask about the trees.....Unfortunately 1 didn't make it, 1 died while we were on vacation (we think the dog urinated on it...) and this is the 3rd one that is still making it.  It's going strong and I continue to mow around it.  It has a ways to go, and I'm not sure how it is going to survive the winter but I just don't say anything and smile kindly when Karl talks about how big it's getting. :)  (yeah, real big compared to the full size tree in the background :) )
For all of you who think I'm a tree-hater, I told Karl that I would be okay with planting 3 new trees this fall where we lost our 3 this spring.  The ball is in his court - we will see if it happens :)

Happy fall ya'll! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Family Va-k in CO

We went on vacation this past week.  I love vacation - I love everything about vacation!!  It was relaxing and super fun!  Here's lots of pics from the week:
 Loved our new toy!!
 Trying to stay warm at the top of the mountain!
 There was a neat crick by the mexican restaurant we ate at one night.

 This lil guy was the best traveler!
 Check.out.those.thighs! Love squeezing them all week!
 The boys learned how to fly fish from the ranch manager Mark.  They had fun trying! :)
 The one and only fish caught :)

We saw a gorgeous full double rainbow on the way back to the ranch one night.  We pulled over to take pictures but it faded really quick.  It was the brightest rainbow we've ever seen and literally looked like we could reach out and touch it, it seemed so close!