Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sweet Moments

Yet almost another busy month has gone by and we are still in the middle of cold winter.  It's supposed to drop 40 degrees from the high today to later tonight and then the 40-50mph wind will make it even colder....burrr..... All this wind has been hard on my landscape.  A lot of my mulch is blown all over the grass and my black landscape mat is flapping in the wind.  We've been trying to make the most of the cold days and have some "sweet moments" from the past few weeks to share tonight...
 We went to Grinnell Steakhouse with some good friends a while back.  It was a great night.  The boys grilled our steaks while us girls sat and chit-chatted.  We were there for a long time and I think the waitresses were glad when we left because they were waiting on us to leave :)
As always, cooking group is a night full of fun & laughter (along w/ the cooking).  We were making calzones and the girls started tossing the pizza dough in the air like the little ceasar's guy :)  Pizza pizza!
 We have two large tubs that store all of our "regular" ingredients and we had soooo many of those little red spice bottles - you know what I'm talking about.  There would get to be so many of them and we'd have duplicates because it was hard to find so I created this "spice box".  I took snack size baggies and put them in a small shoe-box size tupperware with index card dividers so we can find them much more easily by alphabet letter...I suppose this would work in your house if you have a bunch!
 Sweet little Jackson....he liked looking at uncle karl!  This picture has been my screen saver on my phone for a few weeks :)
 Jackson isn't the only one who likes holding on to uncle karl- Dryson does as well.  He latched on to him and wouldn't let go from his bear hug.
 I found this sweet picture on my phone- Rach must've taken it while we were reading bedtime stories.
 All the nieces/nephews know they are allowed to eat in the living room but they have to eat on a blanket that we lay out.  It was time for dessert so I was in the kitchen scooping it up and when I left the kitchen to go sit down I found all five kiddos sitting in a perfect semi-circle on  the blanket - I thought it was sweet :)
Karl went down with a group of guys to Cary, MS on work trip this past week.  They roofed 4 or 5 houses and had a good time.  
Karl had been telling me about how sweet his shower in the hogshed is now so when I did chores for him all week I saw what he was talking about. Apparently the shower head that was in there wasn't good enough for Kurt & Brad when they help him so they bought a new shower head and installed it- too funny!! He also got a scrap piece of mirror from Uncle Jon so he can shave his face out there.  It's always the small things that keep you happy!

Youth group has been keeping us busy as always.  This year we tried something a little different for lessons where we split into 4 smaller groups but instead of going to separate rooms we all stay as one large group.  It's been working out really well and the kids talk a lot.  Their thoughts always stick with me and I love hearing what they have to say.
Last week we had 'Minute to Win It' game night.  It went really well.  Everything from passing a hoola-hoop without unbreaking the "body chain", stacking apples, sucking skittles through a straw, one person keeping 3 balloons off the ground, to putting panty-hose on your head with a tennis ball at the bottom having to run and try to knock a empty 2-liter pop bottle over with the tennis's harder than it sounds :)
 We have a great group of kids :)  It'll be done for the year before we know it!

Enjoy your life's "sweet moments" :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reflections of 2013

Unfortunately it's my last day of "Christmas break" from work.  I could totally handle this "stay at home wife" thing...too bad it doesn't pay or have health insurance benefits!  :)  So, back to work I go tomorrow.  Before I get back in the routine I thought I'd share Karl & I's reflections of the past year.  We talked about the highlights of our past year -- a few of them depicted below.
Hog Shed.  Last year at this time we were having an open house for our new hogshed.  We've successfully had 2 turns of pigs through and get new ones next Monday.  Currently, Karl is powerwashing the shed out and getting it prepped for new ones.  The schedule worked out pretty well...selling in the middle of summer & middle of winter.  Downside was that Karl powerwashed on both July 4th and January 1st so no holiday activities for us, but it worked well with his other work schedule.  We've definitely been blessed from having the shed and very thankful for the opportunities it brought.
 Family vacation.  Always a good time -- love spending time w/ family and riding atv's.  We're hoping to join the ranger club next year sometime!  I was able to travel 3 times for work - Vegas, OH & Charlotte.  Karl was able to go on a mission trip to Cary, MS & a customer trip to WI w/ Case IH.
 Landscape & front stairs.  These were the last jobs on my to-do list for the houseyard....for now... until I think of something else :)  Love the finished product and I think it looked nice for the first year.
 Breast Cancer.  Life isn't always fun... January time frame was when we officially found out mom had cancer...February was the 2 surgeries and March-May was radiation.  Her 6 month checkup showed no cancer and in October we celebrated beating it.
Friends Wedding.  Had so much fun this year planning and attending bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and the wedding.  Love spending time with good friends.
 Deaths.  Unfortunately we attended 4 funerals/visitations this year.  1 was an uncle and 1 was a friend/neighbor.  The other two were friends from church.
Volleyball.  I'm on my 3rd volleyball league for the year and love every minute of it.  It's good exercise and so fun to play!
 Trees.  Karl is so beyond excited that he recently got some trees planted.  We put 1 in our backyard and 3 by the hogshed.  I think he gets his tree-loving from his mom!  They look very nice.
Karl's dodge.   Out with the old.... Yes, those are tow straps.  It doesn't like to start or move when it's below 20 degrees or so...the other day Karl tried driving it and it made it about 100 yards to halfway down the hogshed driveway.  It's had many ups and downs this year.  The downs- it's been at the shop at least 5 times ($$), runs occasionally, and only Karl is allowed to drive it because it is literally a hazard to anyone else who attempts to drive and/or other people on the road.  The ups- well, it ran for a few weeks in the summer! ;)  The time has finally come that Karl realized that common sense had to out-weigh his sentimental value for this truck.  Yes, it's the truck that he & kurt came home from cadet camporee in Canada when they took a two week vacation w/ mom & dad...truck they rode in the first time they meet Cassia in CO when she was shoveling out horse barns...his first vehicle that was his dad's first new truck.....the truck he took me to prom in, 3 yrs before we started dating.......the truck we went on our first date in....and so many other stories I've heard 100 times... I know, I know, how can it be that we give this thing up?! :)  On his own will, (after driving his parents old blue conversion van around for 2 months) Karl started looking for new trucks, so I know he's finally okay with giving it a final good-bye... no worries, I'm sure we'll have 1 last picture of Karl and his first true love.
New family!  Jared & Amie got engaged on Christmas so we will get a new sister-in-law and niece Taylor sometime next year.  
 New babies!  4 of our close friends had babies this past year.  This particular one is Jackson, our sweet adorable little nephew who is just a sweet wittle peanut!  He likes to cuddle with me :)
This picture is just for fun -- isn't it sweet?! :)  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  Proud daddy & uncle right there.

Well, that's our year in review.  Here's to 2014 and all the adventures it brings! :)