Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend

So I think in my last post I mentioned how much I was looking forward to the 3-day Easter weekend!  Yes, I love Good Friday, Easter and everything it's about and realize the importance of it, don't get me wrong.  I do, however, also love the extra day off work and time to get a bunch of odd jobs done around the house!
 I re-stained the deck and the front stairs.  It's so time consuming! Staining each one of those little posts is one thing, but painting the long flat boards on the "floor" takes just as long.  I always love the finished product though!  I put on facebook that last year on Good Friday I was taking my mom to one of her many cancer radiation treatments and would pick staining the deck any day over doing that again.  Time flies.  Added bonus of staining the deck - getting tank top tan lines!!  It was a beautiful day.
 Before we went to Good Friday church in Sully we drove out to my parents house to see the progress that started last week on their new house!  The hole got dug, and basement wall forms put in.  I think the walls got poured this week maybe.  We joke that it's silly that after raising 3 girls in a house with 1 bathroom that NOW they decided to build a house with multiple bathrooms is crazy!  My dad always says "Sunday mornings were the worst days of the week! All 4 women getting ready in the same place at once - great location to start any fight" :)  so true....  Oh how I vividly remember those terrible mornings :)   The house is getting built right on the garden. We're excited for them.  It will be really nice and looking forward to having lots of kitchen and living room space to hang out as a family in and not be scrunched for space!
 For Easter lunch I signed up to make dessert.  I thought, hmm, I'll make an angel food cake from scratch - never done that before!  Great idea - right?! Well....

First, I knew that the cake took a special pan, but I thought the special pan was my bundt pan.  Nope.  My co-worker had to tell me that they have their own special pan - problem # 1.  So, off I went to buy an angel food cake pan.  Problem solved.

Then, problem  #2 happened.  To make the cake you have to use 12 egg whites with absolutely NO yolk in them.  No problem...I know how to crack eggs, I mean c'mon, I'm good at baking.  Well, first egg cracked - the WHOLE THING fell straight into the glass measuring cup.  Ya know how normally you have to tap it a few times before it cracks? Nope, this one must have had a thin shell because first tap, and the whole thing dropped in.  I was glad it was the first egg and not like #8 or #12 :)  So, throw it in the trash and start over. Problem solved.

All bad things happen in 3's, right?  Yes.  You guessed it.....  So I ever so cleverly thought in order to make my white frosted angel food cake seem "Eastery" I thought it would be fun to take my Easter M&M's and make an egg out of them to put on top of the cake!  I'm already running late for my nephews birthday party but feel this is very important to place each colored m&m ever so carefully and strategically to make an egg shape (it's harder than it looks, okay?) and it's also very important to me that I  redeem myself from my absolutely horrible presentation of my desert at Christmas gathering (yes-my andes mint cheesecake -my cousins, aunts and uncles remember that one oh so vividly when they kindly told me "it's about the taste, not the way it looks" :) )

Anyway, so I finally get done, happy with my pastel egg, I take a picture of it so that as I carefully begin to place each m&m from the counter to my cake I can look at the pic and make sure I'm doing it exactly the same..... then......yup.....problem #3.
I look over.  My cake has a hole in the middle.  OH. MY. STARS.  Reallllllllllly Kristin?! You just spent an hour making the cake.  You ever so carefully place it upside on a bottle when it came out of the oven so that it cooled right.  You made 2 frostings because the first one was a failure and then you frosted it and all this time you couldn't remember the fact that an angel food cake has a hole in the middle?!  The reason why you had to buy a special pan in the first place?!  Wow.  Good job.  So, since I was going to be late for the party I grabbed the m&ms in a handful and sprinkled them on top of the cake.  Now, the feel-good part of the story: I got a lot of compliments on the homemade angel food cake - SUCCESS! :)  yum... light, fluffy, and sweet.  Go me :)
So the birthday party I was late for was my nephew Rowan.  He turned 3 this past week.  He's got a great big smile and is in the stage where when he gets really excited he goes "crazy".  Loud/random noises/screams, being goofy and doesn't make sense...."all boy".  When I left that night he gave me a hug and gave me cheeks (it's our thing) and said "thanks for the presents auntie tistin", without being told to.  Such a little sweetheart!  My new niece Taylor's birthday is the day after Rowans and so she willingly shares a party with him :)  She turned 12 this year!  I'm looking forward to watching her play soccer this spring!
 Our youth group got asked to put together a Easter sunrise service.  The kids did a great job :)
 We had a great turnout for 7:30 in the morning!  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning!
Since this sweet little guys' mommy has a bunch of Tulip Court activities to attend before the big festival next weekend, Auntie Kristin got to take care of him a couple times.  He's so cuddly!
Tomorrow I am taking part of the afternoon off and going shopping with some good friends.  This pic is from the last time we went shopping ...great success!  Hoping for the same tomorrow :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back at it

I don't have much to say tonight.. (shocker, right?) here is some pics from our last week:
 Karl sings on a praise team at church and I do the powerpoints for it.  I love listening to him sing.  The best is when we go on a drive...sometimes I'll purposely keep changing the channel until songs that he recognize come on just so he sings to it :)
Speaking of going on a drive...last Sunday was a beautiful calm day and we had a picnic at a local nature preserve and then went on a drive.  I don't know that we have ever gone on a picnic together - trying new things is fun and my date couldn't have been cuter :)

 Karl planted most of the week and so I got to ride a few nights.  Here's to spending many more nights in a buddy seat.
 What it takes to plant is somewhat like a small IT data center...
 Planted fields are so pretty.
 Raegan and Jackson had their first date the other night (supervised by their moms and I of course).  Jackson seemed bored and Raegan cried and wanted to go home early because she was tired.....guess we have a few more years to teach them the rules of dating ;)
 Ooofda these things are heavy.  The boys can carry them up and down the planter stairs like it's no problem...I on the other hand set them a few stairs up and don't try to climb while's harder than it sounds, okay?!
 My daylilies are starting to think it's spring!  Green shoots are starting to come up!
It has rained all weird to see rain after months and months of snow.  Very thankful for it!

I'm looking forward to having a day off this week for Good Friday - wahoo for a 3 day weekend!! It makes going back to work on Monday's so much better :)