Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Thursday, May 8, 2014

It came and went

Kurt & Karl turned 25!
The day after their birthday we had an "unexpected" storm.  Well, it was expected but it wasn't supposed to be as bad as what it was....  here it goes:

On Sunday afternoon we were hanging out on the deck with the dogs (yes, dogS - we got a new puppy...I'll introduce him in another post) and we knew a thunderstorm was coming but it was a ways off yet according to the radar.  Earlier than expected a few rain drops started sprinkling down so Karl decided he would go put the trucks away.  He parked his in the corn crib and then went and parked mine in the pole barn.  In the matter of this 2 minute event, it went from sprinkling to downpour (understatement) in a matter of seconds, and then the wind picked up.  Well, it more than picked up, it just, well, it came and didn't stop.  As Karl is parking my truck in the barn and he sees the walls start to sway he thought to himself about staying in the truck but then he thought if it collapsed he'd be in, he made a mad dash to the house.  As he was running to the house he didn't make the corner of the deck to turn towards the door- the wind pushed him to the opposite side of the deck because it was so strong.  Meanwhile, I'm standing at the screen door waiting for him to fight his way to the door.  He made it.  I, intelligently, was standing there attempting to hold the screen door tight against the house because I was afraid it was going to blow off- really? smart? not so much... Hindsight is 20/20 okay?!

Karl made his way to the bedroom (one room away) as I continued to stand by the front door (I know, not smart) and said "Karl look at all the branches falling out of the tree!" ...and then as I watched white barn boards fly into the field across from us I yelled "our barn is falling apart!" I ran to the bedroom to be with Karl who was looking out the window... he said "I know the barn is falling apart- it's gone! and so are the trees! get to the basement!"  Shock.  I had that terrible feeling of "oh my, what do i take with me?!" I looked at my hand- wedding ring. check. grabbed my purse and off we went to the basement.  Basically the damage was done at that point but we didn't know any different- the radar wasn't even caught up to the storm so who knows what was going to happen next?

As we called our parents from the basement to have them check radar (no reception for us) they thought it looked like it was past.  We walked upstairs and reality set in.  The storm had came and went.  THANKFULLY our house was in tact and we looked out, the hogshed was okay.  All is well.  As we began to look out each window to see what had happened a sinking feeling overcame my stomach....and maybe a few tears as I talked to Rachel & Emily on the phone, but I don't cry (often) so we'll just scratch that memory from the record.
 The air conditioner unit got picked up and moved to the center of my landscape.
 View out the bedroom window.  Karl said he watched the barn lift 30 ft. in the air and then fly...
 The trees must've fallen as Karl was running to the house because neither of us saw or heard it happen... the wind was so loud though I don't know that we would've heard it if we saw it!
 This tree was dead, so it's no surprise that it cracked at the bottom and fell.
 Our whole sections...gone.
 Only that one small section right in front of my truck was left standing from that barn.
 2 big trees fell right across the driveway.
 We were without power the entire night...when I woke up the next day I looked on my phone and it said "only 40 customers are without power yet in Osky"....well, lucky us!  We got power back around 11 the next day.
 And so the cleanup began.  All our brothers, dads, and friends came to help clean up the trees, barns and mess.  It was muddy but so worth it to get everything cleaned up!!
 This is our other small garage that the wall blew out of and moved the entire thing off it's foundation so the insurance guy totaled that building too so we tore it down completely.
 Woo-hoo for working for a company that has brush chippers and stump cutters!  Andy came out with a chipper that Monday afternoon and made cleanup go a LOT faster -- it was amazing.
 Most everything got taken to the burn pile out back and we started a fire that day.  More wind was coming and we didn't want to be picking it all back up again the next day!
 My truck got banged and scraped up while the barn was blowing away.  We're guessing a couple poles fell on it.  The roof, passenger doors and hood had some pretty nice large dents and then scrapes everywhere.  $6,300 worth of damage, so I'm driving a rental car while insurance fixes my truck.
It's really odd to look out and see two less buildings and three less trees.  Definitely a big bare open lot now.  As we were getting close to finishing picking up that day my dad oh so kindly made a smart remark "Ya know, we coulda just leveled the whole place three years ago and started over then..." Yes dad, thanks for reminding me ;)  

Emotionally it was a weird thing.  Yes, we, our house, corn crib and hog shed are all unscathed and are very thankful for that.  On the bummer side, I had just (maybe a week before) mentioned to Karl and others how we finally had the yard looking nice how we wanted it, no more projects out in the yard (painting, cleaning up), no more trying to level out the yard and plant new grass etc.... Now, it feels like everything we worked for the past 3 years getting it to look nice we have to start over.  I'm trying not to be a downer.... just another test of patience for me!

Now when they interview people on the TV I will be a lot more understanding of "It came out of nowhere" because I know first hand that it actually happens like that sometime.  Definitely have to give a shout-out to our insurance companies who came the day after the storm and we had our insurance checks for barns and vehicles by 2-3 days after that.

Huge thanks to all our family that came to help clean up.  Couldn't have done it without them and it was a huge relief to have it all picked up so quickly.

Well, now my, ahem, OUR to-do list got a little longer but we'll manage through it :)