Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beginning of Fall

Time flies- especially when you're having fun!! We've had a few fun weekends lately.  One weekend we went up to Minneapolis with some friends.  The boys went to Hay Days (motor sports event) and us girls went shopping.  We found this awesome outlet mall and put it in the took us here...
 Obviously we weren't the only ones who had done this because it took us to a rural neighborhood where this sign was posted on a telephone pole.  It had the directions of the actual outlet mall and it was awesome....once we finally got there :)
 We ate at a fun restaurant in the Mall of America.  They put hats on most of their guests.  Since we had 2 little kids with us they put the hats on the babies- poor Brielle :)
 Harvest has begun!!  I took an afternoon off to ride w/ Karl while they harvested at our house.  Nothing better than spending the day in  the combine! :)
 The boys crack me up.  They all have their headsets to take phone calls, 2-ways in the equipment to talk to each other and their cell phones to look things up when needed...or when they need to snap chat their wives to show what they are up to :)
 Kurt & Karl #twinning.

Dryson turned 2 last weekend.  We had rehersal supper for my brother's wedding so he got his own special cupcake :)
 Leah & I
 Karl was an usher and I was a bridesmaid.
 Karl took a few snapshots for me.  This was after the wedding on the way to the reception.
 So in love.  First dance.
 Rachel & I.
 The wedding went great and it was a wonderful weekend.

...for those of you who ask about the trees.....Unfortunately 1 didn't make it, 1 died while we were on vacation (we think the dog urinated on it...) and this is the 3rd one that is still making it.  It's going strong and I continue to mow around it.  It has a ways to go, and I'm not sure how it is going to survive the winter but I just don't say anything and smile kindly when Karl talks about how big it's getting. :)  (yeah, real big compared to the full size tree in the background :) )
For all of you who think I'm a tree-hater, I told Karl that I would be okay with planting 3 new trees this fall where we lost our 3 this spring.  The ball is in his court - we will see if it happens :)

Happy fall ya'll! :)