Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Garage & Harvest

Fall seems like the busiest time of year....but so does every other season :)
 We love going to watch PC football.  It's fun to support Coach (brother) Mike and the youth group kids that play as well as just having fun watching a game!
 I rode with Karl to Burlington one Saturday, I don't think I had been there before.

 Due to the almost 5 inches of rain we got a 2 weeks ago there is still some wet spots...
 It's always fun to go home and hang out there during harvest too :)
 Since the storm last spring took out all of our outbuildings, we are putting up a garage this fall.  I'm super excited!!
The floor is supposed to get poured tomorrow and then the building portion can begin!  Did I mention I was excited? :)

We're having a baby!!

We're having a baby!!! Couldn't be more excited :)
 It was fun to tell family....they were pretty excited :)

Brought frosted cookies to work...
 We haven't done much yet as far as getting ready.  The nursery will get made this winter sometime when Karl has time to make the upstairs into rooms.  We've just been enjoying the excitement and praying that all goes well.
I took the day off work the other day and rode with Karl for a long time.  One of the times I had him stop to let me go to the bathroom he reached over, patted my stomach and said "it's getting bigger" with a big ol' grin on his face - so I thought we better document that day - in the middle of a bean field :)  That's how memories are made, right? The little things? :)