Established 10.30.10

Established 10.30.10

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Shower & Nursery

Last weekend I was thrown an awesome baby shower.  It was such a fun night - pretty decor, great food, fun games and gifts - who could ask for more?  Baby Boender is definitely spoiled already and I have a LOT of thank you's to send out :)
 Kudos to ALL my awesome sisters (all 8 of them) for planning and throwing the shower and helping with food etc.  I don't know who all did what but am thankful for everything each one of them did!

 My grandpa made this cradle for me - definitely a special gift that I'll be able to use and will be an awesome keepsake.  He actually had this cradle a year or two after we got married in hopes I would need it sooner than later - that's actually how I told him we were pregnant ... I asked if he had that cradle done and he said "yup it's been sitting there a while!" Thanks Gramps!! :)
getting organized for a fun game :)
Vander Schel family
 Boender family
 Pregnant friends!
 A few weeks ago I had some awesome sisters who called and said they would come help paint the upstairs -- it was so great to have help!!!

 We got all the priming and painting done that day - I was EXHAUSTED to say the least (and probably did the least amount of work...bending low is getting tricky).  While we were gone to New Orleans for work the mudding/taping got done and we painted that weekend.  Since then, my mom came and stained a bunch of woodwork for us (which was a huge help!!) and Karl's been a busy guy getting all the electrical, trim, baseboard, window extensions, doors etc. on and making it look pretty.  We got carpet mid week and  yesterday he got the nursery completed and so of course I started moving stuff in right away :)  Baby is due in 4 weeks and you could definitely say I've started the "nesting" process now!

 He even made this pretty railing for the hallway.  The only thing left to do is put on more "delicate" trim busy that will line the base of the railing and top of the stairs...then it's DONE! :)
With super warm temperatures these past few days and into next week I'm thinking that spring work is going to be starting right away - delivering seed corn, spraying, removing overstock pigs and all other things spring will be here soon enough -- here's to hoping Karl keeps his cell phone charged and/or the baby comes on a Sunday :)  Lord willing my next blog will be about our beautiful baby!!!!